Overwatch player designs perfect Mercy ‘jingle’ skin for Winter Wonderland event

overwatch mercy holidayActivision Blizzard

One Overwatch fan has created a ‘jingle’ Mercy skin that would be the perfect gift for players during this year’s Winter Wonderland event.

Overwatch is nearing the end of its 2021 seasonal event cycle, with the upcoming Winter Wonderland event likely only a few weeks away.

Fans have already gotten to work crafting their winter wish lists, which already include a fantastic holiday Wrecking Ball skin.

Now, another player has created a design for Mercy that has decks out the healer in full holiday glee.

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Overwatch player designs Mercy ‘jingle’ skin for Winter Wonderland

Mercy in Overwatch 2Activision Blizzard
Overwatch fans are always on the lookout for new Mercy skins.

Mercy is one of Overwatch’s most signature heroes, providing reliable support since the game’s 2016 release.

And, despite her being one of the game’s original heroes, Mercy has only ever received two Winter Wonderland skins (Sugar Plum Fairy & Snow Angel).

One player thinks that one simply isn’t enough for the nurse healer, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to fully design a new skin they call ‘jingle.’

The skin features Mercy decked out from head to toe in holiday garb, with a bow on her head that ties the look together and makes it the perfect gift for this holiday season.

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The creator drew the entire piece digitally, using Mercy’s in-game skins to nail the proper pose. Fans on the official Overwatch subreddit have taken notice as well, calling it “absolutely beautiful” among other things.

Whether or not we get a Mercy skin similar to this in the 2021 Winter Wonderland event has yet to be decided, as little is known about the event thus far.

It usually begins around the second week of December, and devs seem to like rolling events like these out on Tuesdays, so our best guess is that we’ll know exactly what is coming in this year’s event sometime around December 14.

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Until then, Overwatch fans can stay up to date with everything related to the hero shooter here at Dexerto. Stay tuned!

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