Overwatch player creates perfect Winter Wonderland skin for Wrecking Ball

Bill Cooney
Winter Wonderland Hammond skin

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is coming up, and one creative player has already come up with a great idea for a festive Wrecking Ball skin.

Winter Wonderland is Overwatch’s annual end of the year event, and things should be kicking off soon for 2021.

Hammond is one of the heroes that doesn’t have a skin for the event yet. But, in anticipation of the event one player has come up with a great holiday concept for the tank.

Santa’s Sled Wrecking Ball

Made by pennywiserat and posted to the Overwatch subreddit, “Santa’s Sled” Wrecking Ball has a certain charm to him. Maybe it’s because he was made entirely in Microsoft Paint.

Jolly old Saint Hammond is perched atop his red sleigh, which is covered in Christmas lights and even has runners on the bottom.

The ammunition for his cannons looks like candy canes, and even his mines have been made to look like little presents wrapped up with a bow. But the best part of this skin idea has to be the beard and Santa suit Hammond is rocking.

Will Wrecking Ball get a Winter Wonderland 2021 skin?

Players have been asking for a Winter Wonderland Wrecking Ball skin basically since the hero came out.

Wrecking Ball is always one of the top heroes that players want to see get a Winter Wonderland skin. But, it still hasn’t happened since he was released in 2018.

There’s no telling yet whether or not 2021 will finally be the year it happens, though we should know for sure in a few weeks at the very most.

Overwatch has always started Winter Wonderland during the second week of December, announcing the exact dates shortly after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this will finally be the yearHammond gets his own festive skin.