Overwatch League reveals new Bastion Pirate Ship skin: How to unlock

Bastion Pirate Ship OWL skinBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League has unveiled a special new Bastion skin just in time for the Countdown Cup tournament – and this time, it pays homage to the iconic “Pirate Ship” composition.

The latest tournament skin has literally turned Bastion into a pirate, equipped with an iconic skull and crossbones hat, logo on the side, and even a parrot on his shoulder.

Perhaps the best part is how different the skin looks in Sentry form, with Bastion turning into less of a pirate and more into a ship, with a flag on his turret for good measure.

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Just like how Brigitte’s GOAT skin paid tribute to one of the most controversial metas in the game’s history, the Bastion Pirate Ship skin honors another old favorite: Putting the sentry form Omnic on the payload.

The composition normally consists of an Orisa, Bastion, and sometimes another shield tank sitting on the payload. Combined with Orisa’s Halt ability, Bastion can shred through enemy defenses.

Although Bastion remains a bit of a niche hero pick in competitive matches, this skin, while cool, probably won’t help his pick rate.

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However, fans are almost certainly going to want this skin by the time Overwatch 2 rolls around, as the hero is going to undergo some significant changes.

OWL bastion pirate ship skinBlizzard Entertainment
The Bastion Pirate Ship skin is the 4th tournament skin of the year.

How to unlock Pirate Ship Bastion skin

The skin will cost players 200 Overwatch League Tokens, which can either be acquired with real money at $5 for 100 Tokens or a more fun way – watching matches.

Simply link your YouTube and Battlenet accounts and tune in to Overwatch League to steadily earn Tokens as you watch.

The Countdown Cup will be a great way to earn some Tokens, as there will be a total of six matches beginning August 19 until August 21, featuring the top teams in NA and Asia.

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Sadly, the playoff play-in qualifiers begin on September 4 and players will only have until August 30 to unlock Pirate Ship Bastion, so you will need to hurry.