Legendary Overwatch League skins finally return: how to unlock, cost, more

Rare Overwatch League legendary skinsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans who are missing some of the special limited-time Legendary skins will have another opportunity to grab them.

The Overwatch League has some of the best exclusive skins in the game. While its traditional team skins are nice, the real gems are the MVP and team championship skins.

While the MVP skins have since been discontinued with Fleta’s Echo skin being the last of its kind, that doesn’t mean Jjonak’s is obsolete.

On the contrary, players now have until August 24, 2021 to unlock it and/or three other vaulted skins.

What Legendary Overwatch skins can players unlock?

In total, there are four skins that have returned:

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2018 MVP Seong-Hyun ‘Jjonak’ Bang’s Zen-Nakji, the London Spitfire’s 2018 Championship Flying Ace Winston, the Brigitte GOAT skin (named after the infamous GOATs meta) and the San Francisco Shock’s 2019 Championship Thunder Doomfist skin.

Notably absent is Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won’s 2019 MVP Alien Zarya skin. Won’s skin was stripped of its OWL symbols and refunded to players who purchased it after the former Overwatch star was accused of abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

Jjonak MVP overwatch skinOverwatch League
If you missed out on the Jjonak MVP skin, this is your second chance.

How to unlock Overwatch League Legendary skins

The easiest way to unlock the skins is to pay for OWL tokens with 100 costing about $5. The cheaper option, however, is more fun.

By linking your YouTube and Battle Net accounts and watching Overwatch League matches, you can earn five free tokens every hour.

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With the Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup fast approaching and some serious playoff implications on the line, it could be a great time to tune in.

Doomfist thunder skinBlizzard Entertainment
The exclusive Thunder Doomfist skin was packed into the vault on April 9.

There is a lot of Overwatch coming up including this week’s Countdown Cup qualifiers, elimination matches and then the final four teams in the tournament itself the following week.

Unfortunately, the returning skins won’t be around in time for the playoff qualifiers, playoff themselves and Grand Finals, but it’s likely OWL has something else planned for those events.