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Overwatch League 2021 season: schedule, standings, more

Published: 8/May/2021 13:48 Updated: 9/May/2021 6:28

by Brad Norton


The highest level of competitive Overwatch is back as the 2021 Overwatch League season is now upon us. From where you can watch to the latest results, here’s everything you need to stay up to date.

  • Dallas Fuel takes home the May Melee and three league points over Shanghai Dragons.
  • A boycott in the East League presents issues for Seoul Dynasty.
  • Shanghai out in front in East Division with May Melee finals appearance.

Overwatch League 2021: Stream

The entire 2021 Overwatch League season is being streamed on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel. If you miss any of the matches, full replays will be uploaded on this channel as well.

Overwatch League 2021: Standings


Placement Team Wins – Losses
Washington Justice 4-1
Houston Outlaws 4-1
Florida Mayhem 5-1
San Francisco Shock 3-2
Toronto Defiant 3-2
Dallas Fuel 3-2
Los Angeles Gladiators 2-2
Atlanta Reign 1-3
Paris Eternal 1-3
Boston Uprising 1-3
Vancouver Titans 0-4
London Spitfire 0-4


Placement Team Wins – Losses
Philadelphia Fusion 4-1
Chengdu Hunters 4-1
Shanghai Dragons 4-1
Seoul Dynasty 3-2
Hangzhou Spark 1-3
Guanghou Charge 1-3
New York Excelsior 1-3
Los Angeles Valiant 0-4

Overwatch League 2021: Schedule & scores

Below is the schedule for the 2021 Overwatch League season. We’ll keep you updated here as matches get underway and results come through.

Week 4 Results (May 3 – May 9)

Date Match PST EST GMT
May 7 Shanghai Dragons 3-2 Florida Mayhem 7PM 10PM 3AM
Dallas Fuel 3-1 Chengdu Hunters 8:30PM 11:30PM 4:30AM
May 8 Dallas Fuel 3-2 Shanghai Dragons 6PM 9PM 2AM
Florida Mayhem 3-1 Chengdu Hunters 7:30PM 10:30PM 3:30AM
Shanghai Dragons 3-0 Florida Mayhem 9PM 12AM 5AM
May 9 Shanghai Dragons 2-4 Dallas Fuel 6PM 9PM 2AM

Week 1 results (April 16 – April 18)

Date Match PST EST GMT
April 16 Houston Outlaws 3-2 Dallas Fuel 12PM 3PM 7PM
Los Angeles Gladiators 1-3 San Francisco Shock 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
April 17 Guangzhou Charge 0-3  Shanghai Dragons 2AM 5AM 9AM
Los Angeles Valiant 1-3 Chengdu Hunters 3:30AM 6:30AM 10:30AM
Philadelphia Fusion 3-1 Seoul Dynasty 5AM 8AM 12PM
Toronto Defiant 3-1 Vancouver Titans 12PM 3PM 7PM
Atlanta Reign 1-3 Florida Mayhem 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
Dallas Fuel 3-1 Los Angeles Gladiators 3PM 6PM 10PM
April 18 Guangzhou Charge 0-3 Seoul Dynasty 2AM 5AM 9AM
Chengdu Hunters 3-0 Shanghai Dragons 3:30AM 6:30AM 10:30AM
Philadelphia Fusion 3-0 Los Angeles Valiant 5AM 8AM 12PM
Houston Outlaws 3-2 San Francisco Shock 12PM 3PM 7PM
Florida Mayhem 3-1 Vancouver Titans 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
Toronto Defiant 3-2 Atlanta Reign 3PM 6PM 10PM

Week 2 results (April 23 – April 25)

Date Match PST EST GMT
April 23 Paris Eternal 3-1 Vancouver Titans 12PM 3PM 7PM
Los Angeles Gladiators 3-0 London Spitfire 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
April 24 Chengdu Hunters 3-0 New York Excelsior 2AM 5AM 9AM
Philadelphia Fusion 3-1 Hangzhou Spark 3:30AM 6:30AM 10:30AM
Houston Outlaws 3-1 Paris Eternal 12PM 3PM 7PM
Boston Uprising 0-3 Los Angeles Gladiators 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
Washington Justice 3-1 Dallas Fuel 3PM 6PM 10PM
April 25 Hangzhou Spark 1-3 New York Excelsior 2AM 5AM 9AM
Chengdu Hunters 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion 3:30AM 6:30AM 10:30AM
Houston Outlaws 3-0 London Spitfire 12PM 3PM 7PM
Boston Uprising 0-3 Dallas Fuel 1:30PM 4:30PM 8:30PM
Vancouver Titans 1-3 Washington Justice 2AM 5AM 9AM

Week 3 results (April 29 – May 3)

Date Match PST EST GMT
April 29 Paris Eternal 0-3 Atlanta Reign 1PM 4PM 8PM
Washington Justice 3-1 Boston Uprising 2PM 5PM 9PM
April 30 Los Angeles Valiant 0-3 Guanzhou Charge 2AM 5AM 10AM
Seoul Dynasty 3-0 New York Excelsior 4AM 7AM 11AM
Shanghai Dragons 3-2 Hangzhou Spark 4:25AM 7:25AM 12:25PM
Boston Uprising 3-2 London Spitfire 12PM 3PM 8PM
San Franciso Shock 3-0 Florida Mayhem 2PM 5PM 10PM
Toronto Defiant 0-3 Washington Justice 2PM 5PM 11PM
May 1 Seoul Dynasty 3-0 Los Angeles Valiant 2AM 5AM 10AM
Guangzhou Charge 0-3 Hangzhou Spark 3AM 6AM 11AM
Shanghai Dragons 3-0 New York Excelsior 5:20AM 7:20AM 12:20PM
Florida Mayhem 3-1 Paris Eternal 2PM 5PM 8PM
San Francisco Shock 3-2 Atlanta Reign 3AM 6PM 11PM
May 2 Shanghai Dragons 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion 3:30AM 6:30AM 12:30PM
Chengdu Hunters 3-1 Seoul Dynasty 12PM 3PM 7PM
Toronto Defiant 0-3 Florida Mayhem 2PM 5PM 9PM
Dallas Fuel 3-0 San Fransisco Shock 2PM 5AM 9PM
May 3 Florida Mayhem 3-1 Washington Justice 2:15PM 5:15PM 10:15PM
Dallas Fuel 3-0 Houston Outlaws 5:25PM 7:25PM 12:25AM

Overwatch League 2021: Teams


Team Roster
Dallas Fuel Doha, Sp9rk1e, Hanbin, Fielder, Rapel, Fearless, Jesce
Houston Outlaws Danteh, Hydration, Crimzo, Happy, PIGGY, JJANGGU, KSF, Joobi, JAKE
Paris Eternal Naga, Onigod, ELLIVOTE, Daan, neptuNo, Kaan, Tsuna
Toronto Defiant Logix, Beast, Aztac, ANSOONJAE, SADO, Heesu, Michelle, Na1st, Lastro
Vancouver Titans Dalton, ShRedLock, Roolf, LiNkzr, frdwnr, Fire, Teru
Washington Justice TTuba, Decay, Mag, Jerry, BeBe, Closer, Fury, Ria, Assassin
Boston Uprising Colourhex, Fusions, Myunb0ng, Punk, im37, Stand1, Faith, Valentine
Atlanta Reign Gator, Masaa, Hawk, Edison, Ir1s, Pelican, Kai
San Francisco Shock super, ChoiHyoBin, smurf, Viol2t, Striker, Twilight, ta1yo, FDGoD, nero, Glister
Los Angeles Gladiators SPACE, birdring, MirroR, kevster, MuZe, Shu, moth, skewed
Florida Mayhem BQB, Gargoyle, Yaki, Gangnamjin, Checkmate, SLIME, OGE
London Spitfire blase, Ripa, Kellex, Hadi, Molf1g, Hybrid, Shax


Team Roster
Philadelphia Fusion Carpe, Poko, Eqo, Alarm, FunnyAstro, Mano, sHockWave, Rascal, HOTBA, tobi
Chengdu Hunters Yveltal, Elsa, LateYoung, Ameng, JinMu, Leave, Jimmy, Kaneki, Nisha, GA9A, Farway1987, Mmonk
Hangzhou Spark guxue, GodsB, iDK, ColdesT, M1ka, Architecht, Shy, LiGe, MCD, BERNAR, SeoMinSoo
Guangzhou Charge Eileen, Rio, Cr0ng, KariV, Mandu, MYKaylee, ChoiSehwan, Jihun
New York Excelsior JJoNak, Yakpung, BiaNcA, Friday, FEATH5R, Ivy, Flora, Gwangboong
Los Angeles Valiant Krystal, MoLanran, Silver3, NvM, ShowCheng, Highbee, Wya
Shanghai Dragons Izayaki, Fleta, FIP, Void, LeeJaeGon, Fate, Erster, Molly, diem
Seoul Dynasty Marve1, FITS, Profit, Gesture, Creative, Toyou, Saebyeolbe, Anamo