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Overwatch female Genji concept might be better than the original

Published: 8/Jun/2021 11:04

by Lauren Bergin


We’ve seen a lot of genderbending in the Overwatch community, but this absolutely beautiful female Genji idea will have fans everywhere head over heels. 

It’s hardly a secret that Overwatch has one of the most creative communities of any video game fandom. Brimming with artistic talent, we’ve seen a vast array of skin concepts that take our breath away month after month.

One thing that the Overwatch fan universe is pretty renowned for, though, is genderbending the title’s iconic heroes. Recently we saw an insane D.Va cosplay that saw her transformed into a particularly cheeky looking male version of herself.


This time around it’s Genji that’s received a bit of a rework, and fans everywhere will absolutely love the Japanese DPS’ new style.

genji overwatch
Genji has become one of Overwatch’s most familiar faces – even if we can’t see what he looks like.

Overwatch fan creates female Genji

The brainchild of artist Qichao Wang, this beautiful artwork features a female version of the Overwatch ninja.

Sporting a feminized version of that now iconic silver armor, a cutout just above her breastplate gives the robotic suit a very feminine feel while still retaining the hero’s powerful aura.

Where his mask covers his face, however, this version has her features revealed to the world. With flowing chocolate colored hair and soft features, this female Genji is just as beautiful as the scenery that frames her.


Standing amid baby pink cherry blossoms with what we presume to be Japan’s most famous volcano, Mount Fuji, rising into the blue skies in the background, this piece is truly a work of art.

It’s not hard to picture the female ninja meandering her way through the gardens of Shimada Castle on a crisp summer day.

With over 300 upvotes on the relatively quiet r/imaginaryoverwatch, fans are also pretty enchanted by this very different take on the DPS hero.

While we’ll probably never see this version of Genji in Overwatch or its highly anticipated sequel, it’s interesting to see how different artists reimagine the Blizzard title’s iconic heroes.