Overwatch turns Funky Baptiste groove up to eleven with awesome Anniversary change

Overwatch Funky Baptiste skinBlizzard

Blizzard has taken feedback from the Overwatch community to heart and announced a dazzling improvement to Baptiste’s Funky Anniversary skin. 

2021’s Anniversary event brought a ton of fresh cosmetics to Overwatch, just like in years past. From a Gladiator-themed Doomfist skin to charming Wrecking Ball skin with its own secret features, there’s been plenty to excite fans this time around.

Though one new addition, in particular, left players wanting a little more. The Funky Baptiste skin, available in Anniversary loot boxes, gave the Support hero a stylish new look. However, the community had an idea for one of his abilities.

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Players demanded to see his Immortality Field match the new design.

In just a matter of days, Blizzard made the change happen and unveiled the Anniversary improvement in a surprise June 7 announcement.

Baptiste Legendary skinActivision Blizzard
Funky Baptiste has been improved with a custom disco ball.

“DiscOWN your enemies as Funky Baptiste, now with 100% more disco ball,” the Overwatch account shared on Twitter. With his dancing emote, Baptiste was having a blast under his very own disco ball.

This opens a world of possibilities for the Support hero. Now, whenever Baptiste throws out his powerful Immortality Field, you’ll have to consider multiple visuals.

It’s not just a simple cosmetic change either, as the disco ball lights up any given room as you would expect in the real world. 

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Anyone that already nabbed the Funky Baptiste skin will have the new disco ball applied in a future update. For those still seeking the loot drop, you’ve got until June 8 before the Anniversary event wraps up.

This marks one of the first times in Overwatch history that a skin has been adjusted after its release. A previous example saw an Overwathch League MVP skin tweaked in light of abuse allegations.

Beyond that, Funky Baptiste is an extremely rare case. With enough demand from the community, it goes to show that Blizzard is always listening and capable of making changes on the fly; especially if they’re super funky!

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