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Best Overwatch skin concepts in March: Tracer, Zarya, more

Published: 31/Mar/2021 11:16 Updated: 31/Mar/2021 11:17

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch has inspired fans all over the world to let their creative juices flow, with artists everywhere having designed unique skin concepts for their favorite heroes. Here are our top picks from March!

It’s hardly a secret that Overwatch has one of the most creative fandoms of any game out there. With the title’s dedicated subreddit dominated by beautiful artworks, cosplays and skin concepts, the game’s community continues to outdo itself.

To show off some of the internet’s most insane designs, we’ve collated all of our favorites for March, 2021 right here for you.

The first concept on our list is this adorable take on Mei, the Chinese ice queen. Responding to a slew of comments begging for an ice cream themed skin for Summer Games, artist u/SillyGooseRobin has created the perfect store vendor skin just in time for the event.


Mei Summer Games skin concept
This iteration of Mei would be perfect for summer!

Next in line for our March favorites is this amazing crossover Zarya skin. Designed by Mikko Kautto, this design transforms the Russian tank into one of Colonial Marines from the iconic 1986 movie Aliens.

Dressed in the iconic Colonial Marine uniform with the red bandanna whilst wielding her huge Particle Cannon in a manner reminiscent of Vasquez from the sci-fi behemoth, we really wouldn’t want to take “Vazqarya” in a fight – even if we were a Xenomorph.

Mikko Kautto/Artstation
“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

Our third concept sees Tracer in uniform this time around, but it’s a very different one from Zarya’s Aliens inspired one. Joining Officer D.VA on the front line of the Police Force, artist Allison Yu told Dexerto that, when brainstorming the skin, she “believed police would be a right role for her.”


Considering she’ll be working working as a Concept Intern on the Overwatch team at Blizzard HQ, maybe we’ll see Policewoman Tracer reporting for duty in-game, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Allison Yu
“‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello, Officer Tracer here!”

The last skin on our list is certainly pretty magical. Designed for Indian reality bender Symmetra, it blurs the line between fiction and real life by turning Symmetra into a unicorn.

Seen dressed in rainbow coloured armor with a visor that features a tiny horn, u/haydnc95‘s Unicorn Symmetra might be beautiful, but she’s deadly.

We would expect her turrets to also have little Unicorn horns for this skin, or we’d be very disappointed.

So that’s it for our favorite skins of March, 2021!


If you ever had any doubt about the boundless creativity of Overwatch’s fanbase, this month’s collection will blow that out the water.

Make sure to check back with us every month for a showcase of all of the best skins we’ve seen. After all, if anything similar ends up in-game, at least you saw them here first!