Best Overwatch skin concepts in May: Ana, Echo & more

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Best Overwatch skin concepts
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Overwatch has inspired fans all over the world to get their creative juices flow, with artists everywhere having designed unique skin concepts for their favorite heroes. Here are our top picks from May!

It’s hardly a secret that Overwatch has one of the most creative fandoms of any game out there. With the title‘s dedicated subreddit dominated by beautiful artworks, cosplays and skin concepts, the game’s community continues to outdo itself.

To show off some of the internet’s most insane designs, we’ve collated all of our favorites for May, 2021 right here for you.

First up on our list is ms.junaluna‘s adorable 1990s inspired design for polarizing DPS hero, Echo. Transformed into a futuristic version of the iconic ’90s toy, Skydancer, the robot has received a pastel makeover. With wings that perfectly replicate the colorful design of the original toys and a cute pink bun, this skin a stunning blend of old meets new.

In a similarly foresty vein, we can imagine Skydancer Echo being best friends with this cheeky little gremlin, Mushroom Zenyatta. Designed by Eva Cringle (remember that name,) Zen has been transformed into an adorable little fungi.

With a pink mushroom cup sitting like a little hat on his head, his robotic body has been transformed into a mass of tree bark, moss and vines. If you’re a nature lover, then this is the perfect skin idea for you!


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On a different note, it turns out that there’s an Ashe skin idea already in-game that would be perfect for the upcoming Summer Games!

One of the many Olympic-themed sprays sees Ashe wielding her Viper shotgun whilst sporting a white and gunmetal grey tracksuit. Looking like she’s about to shoot some clay pigeons, this would make the perfect skeet skin concept for the Deadlock rebel.

Overwatch best skin concepts

Ready to take down the likes of sharpshooter Ashe, though, is LAPD Bastion. Designed by Jarold Sng, the omnic hero has decided to take on the role of policebot in order to keep the streets of Overwatch safe.

Seen sporting a new, silver grey lick of paint with “Police” emblazoned in yellow on his leg, Bastion is repping the LAPD badge in style. In fact, he’s got it right above where a human heart should be, showing off just how dedicated he is to squashing crime.

Our final skin concept for May is the perfect way to round off this insane list. The brainchild of Eva Cringle once more, this skin is inspired by the iconic Pink Mercy breast cancer skin.

Created “to try and cope with my mother’s second cancer diagnosis,” Eva has transformed Ana into a perfect pink version of herself. Her Captain Amari skin now sports a pink trench coat and matching beret, and has the breast cancer ribbon on her sleeve instead of the Overwatch logo. It’s safe to say we want this skin in-game, and a lot of other fans do too.


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So that’s it for our favorite Overwatch skin concepts of May, 2021!

If you ever had any doubt about the boundless creativity of Overwatch’s fanbase, this month’s collection will blow that out the water.

Make sure to check back with us every month for a showcase of all of the best skins we’ve seen. After all, if anything similar ends up in-game, at least you saw them here first!

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