Overwatch fan remakes Junkenstein’s Revenge in Workshop and it’s better than original

Overwatch Reaper as a headless character holding his pumpkin head in his handBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror sees Junkenstein’s Revenge return every year, but one player has mixed it up in an awesome workshop mode which is even better than the original. 

While Overwatch’s Halloween Terror remains the most highly anticipated event of the year, the annual return of Junkenstein’s Revenge seems to be wearing thin for some players.

If you’re sick and tired of getting demolished on the mode’s hardest level, Shocking Surprise, then one fan has come to the rescue by flipping everything we know about the PvE battle on its head.

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Ever wanted to be the bad guys? Well then, this Junkenstein’s Victory workshop mode lets you live your villainous fantasy in style.

Overwatch vampire slayer Brigitte stands in Frankenstein style castleBlizzard Entertainment
Is the shield maiden your go-to Junkenstein pick?

Overwatch Junkenstein workshop mode

The brainchild of Therister, Junkenstein’s Victory allows players to play the villain and fight their way through hordes of pesky heroes to take over Aldersbrunn Castle and kill its regent (a.k.a Reinhardt.)

Boasting four different difficulty tiers, custom dialogue, and a wealth of new enemies, the coolest aspect of this take on the classic PvE run is the ability to upgrade your character’s perks back at base by chatting to Moira.

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An expansive take on the fan-favorite game mode, this really breaths fresh air into the somewhat stagnant Halloween LTM.

As expected, fans are absolutely loving this innovative take on Junkenstein, calling it “absolutely fantastic.”

“Ok, legit re-installing the game just to play this. Seems amazing,” writes one player, while another echoes “don’t care about Halloween event, but absolutely care about this Halloween custom.”

For those looking to etch themselves into the Junkenstein history books as a key player in the seige of Aldersbrunn Castle, the workshop code is CCCGZ. 

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So whether you’re looking for something fresh this Halloween, or really just feel like being bad, make sure you add this to your Overwatch to-do list!

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