How to complete Overwatch Shocking Surprise Junkenstein Challenge

Overwatch Shocking SurpriseBlizzard Entertainment

While Junkenstein’s Revenge can look deceptively easy, Overwatch’s Shocking Surprise mode is one of the title’s most difficult to complete. So, here are our tips for beating the Junkenstein Challenge’s hardest level.

Overwatch’s fan-favorite Halloween mode is only available twice a year: during the Halloween Terror Event, as well as during Anniversary. Entitled ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge,’ the hardest level to overcome is Shocking Surprise, the last stage of the challenge.

While we’ve got a full breakdown on every mode right here, Shocking Surprise slays competitors year after year, ensuring that its coveted achievement remains locked behind virtual closed doors.

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This year, though, we’re here to help you conquer Junkenstein and his spooky band of misfits with an Overwatch Shocking Surprise team that will let you bring home the bacon – literally.

Junkenstein's revengeBlizzard Entertainment
Shocking Surprise is a Shock-Tire extravaganza.

What is Shocking Surprise?

Shocking Surprise is the final step on your journey to gatecrashing Junkenstein’s infamous castle. As you can imagine, it’s the most difficult of all the modes you’ll have to battle through.

The difference with this mode is that, when enemies die, they will spawn a shock tire. While not quite as devastating as Junkrat’s R.I.P-Tire ultimate, you’ll start to feel the pressure when loads of pesky bombs start flying at you.

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As with every Junkenstein mode, your team composition is key. As you’re only able to choose from a handful of heroes, you’re a lot more limited than in the usual game. You can choose from:

  • Ana (The Alchemist)
  • Ashe (The Outlaw)
  • Baptiste (The Renegade)
  • Brigitte (The Shieldmaden)
  • Genji (The Swordsman)
  • Hanzo (The Archer)
  • McCree (The Gunsliger)
  • Soldier 76 (The Soldier)
  • Torbjorn (The Viking)
  • Tracer (A Ghostly Will-O’-The-Wisp)
  • Widowmaker (The Countess)
  • Zenyatta (The Monk)

Overwatch Shocking Surprise team comps

While your hero pool is limited, you can still come up with a whole host of different compositions to take on the horrors of Castle Junkenstein.

Considering you’ll be fighting an onslaught of enemies as well as twisted versions of other Overwatch heroes, a lot of skill goes into crafting the ideal team composition.

Our suggestions are:

  1. McCree – McCree’s flashbangs, dodge mechanic and ultimate are perfect for knocking out large numbers of enemies quickly. His raw damage also makes him a menace against the bosses that spawn throughout the mode.
  2. Solider 76 – Just like McCree, Solider 76 is difficult to hit and provides his team much-needed healing and utility. Make sure you save that your rockets and Ultimate for the right time because you’ll need to be able to take down a lot of enemies very quickly.
  3. Torbjorn – Torb’s turret is invaluable in this mode, so he’s pretty much a must-have. While his turrets mow down the hordes of Zomnics, his ultimate can stop the tires and bosses in their tracks.
  4. Zenyatta – Zenyatta has a reputation for being a damage-oriented healer, and that comes in clutch in the no man’s land of Adlersbrunn. His Orb of Discord debuff is perfect for taking down bosses, and his ult can provide your DPS heroes a safety net.

Brigitte is also a pretty good substitute for Zenyatta, but he’s still preferred.

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How to beat Overwatch’s Shocking Surprise quickly

Overwatch Shocking SurpriseBlizzard Entertainment
Zenyatta is a perfect blend of damage and healing.

If you’ve got your team composition right, you’ve probably solved half of the battle already. It’s important to know how these four menaces operate as a team, though, if you’re going to make it out alive.

It’s important to not get too hasty when shooting Zomnics. Each enemy drops:

  • Zombadiers – one tire each.
  • Bosses – multiple tires.
  • Wave-based tires also spawn.

Don’t start demolishing waves of enemies unless you know for a fact that you can withstand the tires that come after them. Conserve your ammo and keep reloading, otherwise, you’ll be a sitting duck.

Additionally, the perfect time for a Torb ult is right as the boss is about to die. Not only does it kill the boss, but it also will demolish any tires that spawn from it and any of the wave-based tires.

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The slow method

Halloween in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Taking down the Witch gets you one step closer to a Junkenstein victory.

If the fast-paced method still sounds too chaotic, we’ve got a slower method too. It’s a lot more methodical, but it works a charm.

Firstly, make sure that you only kill the number of enemies that you can deal with. Remember they drop Shock-Tires so make sure you can handle it.

Secondly, make sure you only kill bosses one at a time. Throwing Torb’s turret next to a squishier boss will melt them pretty quickly, and if you time it with McCree’s stun then they’ll be eating tons of damage whilst being unable to do any in return.

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Finally, when Junkenstein unleashes Roadhog, it’s best to let Torb’s turret and ult melt through his health bar. Aim these for the door that he spawns at, and by the time he’s lumbering towards you, he’ll be half healthy and easy prey for your DPS players.

So that’s how to slay the terrors of Castle Junkenstein and finally achieve that coveted Shocking Surprise achievement. For Overwatch guides and news, make sure you check out our dedicated Overwatch hub.