Squid Game comes to Overwatch in deadly workshop mode

Overwatch's D.Va runs away from Squid Game's doll robotNetflix: Squid Game, Blizzard Entertainment

Netflix’s Korean drama, Squid Game, has become one of 2021’s hottest topics, but what would happen if you mixed the infamous Red Light Green Light game with Overwatch? 

Despite only hitting our screens in early September, Korean survival drama Squid Game has conquered not only Netflix, but the hearts of viewers across the globe.

From the silent but lovable Kang Sae-byeok, to the ominous Front Man, the title’s roster of unique characters and terrifying games has etched it into television history.

It hasn’t just captured the minds of the public, though, as some gamers have actively recreated the infamous Red Light Green Light challenge in some of our favorite games – including Overwatch.

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Red Light Green Light scene from Squid Game robot doll in the middle of two men in pinkNetflix: Squid Game
“Aaja khele green light red light, ye khel hai nirala” is etched into our brains.

Overwatch meets Squid Game

We’ve seen the giant robotic doll worm her way into Genshin Impact and Pokemon, but her likeness has even managed to make its way into Overwatch.

A Workshop mode recreates the show’s Red Light Green Light game, where players are tasked with crossing the finish line but have to stop every time the doll turns around. If she catches you moving, well, we all know what happens then.

With ice queen Mei taking on the role of the creepy doll, we see the D.Va player eventually cross the finish line to join another D.Va and two Soldier 76s. His fellow D.Va players aren’t so lucky, though, as both wind up being incinerated.

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“Squid Games [sic] in Overwatch was a [sic] experience,” he writes, but it’s an experience that we need in our lives.

Overwatch Squid Game workshop code

For those looking to try their hand at glory the workshop code is ZD383. Sadly there’s no glimmering pot of cash hovering overhead, but instead, you’ll be able to score some pretty cheeky bragging rights.

Will you be able to channel your inner Seong Gi-hun and conquer Red Light Green Light? Or will you become yet another unfortunate victim of the Overwatch Squid Game? Only time will tell.