Overwatch Halloween Terror event: Junkenstein’s Revenge Challenge guide

Brad Norton. Last updated: Oct 14, 2021
Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplay

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back in 2021 with familiar challenges now accessible in the Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE mode. With missions on rotation every week, we’ve got you covered with a complete rundown on how to get through them all.

If you’ve been an Overwatch fan since launch, you’ll feel right at home in this year’s Halloween Terror event. For the sixth year running, players can jump into the same old PvE mode and fend off waves of Zomnic forces as usual.

While the original experience is still intact, a few challenges were introduced last year to freshen things up. They’re the exact same in 2021 once again so if you got through them before, you’ll have no issues doing it again.

Baptiste and Ashe serve as mini-bosses, dropping into the map as The Renegade and The Outlaw respectively. Though that’s not all: You can also flip the game on its head with a number of variants for the mode.

Each week two challenge missions are cycled in that look to test you in all-new ways. From buffed enemies to smaller team sizes, you’ll be pushed in different directions throughout Junkenstein’s Revenge. But fear not, we’ve got you sorted with a complete guide on how to tackle each challenge.

Junkenstein’s Revenge Week One Challenge Missions

Vengeful Ghost

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplay
Watch out for a ghostly Zomnic that’ll be hunting you down in this mode.

First up is a ghostly challenge that will keep you on the move at all times. There will be a “deadly ghost” on the map that chases you and your teammates. No matter how well you’re doing, what round you’re up to, or which heroes you have on your team, a ghost will still be tracking you down regardless.

It’s always best to keep your distance as this ghost Zomnic will deal damage. Try to keep your back to a wall at the beginning of each round so you can always tell where the ghost is coming from. The last thing you want is to have a deadly surprise ruin your run.

Frenzied Stampede

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplay
Be extra vigilant of the castle doors as Zomnics could sneak past you in this challenge.

Next up is another variant that you’ll want to keep your sneakers on for. Zomnics move faster in this challenge which means everyone will need to be playing their A-game. They’ll be faster to attack you and they’ll be faster to reach the castle doors.

Try to focus down each wave as quickly as possible before the next spawns in. Things are going to get crazy, it’s going to be tough, but with remaining focused is key. You know every tactic already, you just have to do it all a little bit faster.

Junkenstein’s Revenge Week Two Challenge Missions

Volatile Zomnics

To kick off week two you’re going to need to have each other’s backs. In this challenge, Zomnics explode when they get close. Naturally, try to keep your distance, stick close to the spawn location, and play smart. 

In the standard playlist you may fall into a rhythm of just instantly wiping Zomnics from melee range right as they spawn. You’re going to need to buck that trend here. Standing close to the spawn locations will see you knocked down instantly. Play from afar and snipe your way to victory.

Three They Were

It’ll be three against the world in this specific challenge.

This challenge is self-explanatory. Instead of loading into Junkenstein’s Revenge with three other teammates, you’ll only have two friends to rely on here. Team size is shrunk down from four to three players but everyone will deal more damage.

Even with a smaller squad, it’s still a good idea to keep a healthy mix of roles. You’re going to want to keep at least one Support among your ranks to help enable two Damage dealers. Try to split the map in half. Damage on both sides with the Support centered at the back. This will give you the widest coverage and allow all three players to help with the middle lane.

Junkenstein’s Revenge Week Three Challenge Missions

Mystery Swap

Throw everything you know out of the window for this challenge. Everyone on your team will be swapping roles on the fly. Heroes will be coming and going the whole way through as everything is randomized.

The best advice for this mode is to just stay calm. Whether you get swapped onto an unfamiliar Hero or your position on the map needs to change to fit your new role, try to keep level-headed. Everyone on your team will be thrown for a loop in this mode. Work together, keep the communication going, and you’ll get through this challenge without a hassle.

Shocking Surprise

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplay
Shock Tires will be appearing far more frequently in this challenge.

Last but not least, the final challenge for Junkenstein’s Revenge in 2021 will ramp up the difficulty more than ever. Upon death, certain enemies will unleash a Shock-Tier in their place. Instead of just having to look out for them during boss waves, they can appear at any time throughout the run.

As a result, it’s ideal to have each section of the map on lockdown. If your team can gauge where the tires are early on, there’s little chance they’ll ever reach the castle doors.