Overwatch dev promises a new Legendary Symmetra skin is in the works

Lauren Bergin
Possible Overwatch Symmetra skin

It seems like years ago that Overwatch’s Vishkar architect Symmetra got a new skin, however Blizzard have heard fans’ pleas and are finally releasing a new skin for the Indian DPS.

Overwatch’s resident architect turned DPS titan, Symmetra, has become a fan favorite for a lot of players.

For many who main the Vishkar queen, there’s been a lot of concern over the lack of cosmetics that she’s received in the past few years. Left out in the cold, the last skin that she received was the Marammat one as part of her Restoration Challenge all the way back in November, 2020.

It turns out, though, that 2021 is Symmetra’s year, as Blizzard confirmed that there’s a new Legendary skin currently in the works.

Symmetra restoration challenge skin sit emote
Symmetra received her last skin all the way back in 2020.

Overwatch devs promise new Symmetra skin

During Blizzard’s Overwatch Ask Us Anything that took place on May 24, one fan finally confronted the devs about the lack of new cosmetics for the Vishkar.

The user asked “on behalf of Symmetra players, why has she been getting ignored in terms of Legendary event skins? It’s been more than two years; we are starving.”

A prompt response came from the Overwatch’s Senior Concept Artist, David Kang, who stated that “I promise you an awesome Symmetra skin is on its way!”

This isn’t all, though. It turns out that she will be getting a new victory pose as well sporting that elusive golden glove!

Summer Games Symmetra?

There are a couple of events coming up that could present an opportunity for Blizzard to drop this new skin.

While some fans are hoping for a Pride-themed Symmetra, others have concluded that a Summer Games skin is more likely. This would be the first summery skin that the Indian DPS has ever had.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds. The bottom line is though: Symmetra skin coming soon. Get excited!