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Overwatch Summer Games Event 2021 Start time: Date, skins, more

Published: 22/Mar/2021 15:54

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s Summer Games event comes around every year and offers a whole host of awesome in-game loot. Here’s everything you need to know for 2021, including possible dates, skins and more. 

2021 has seen a whole host of amazing events so far. From the fun filled Pachimari challenge to Hanzo’s Kanezaka event that celebrated the release of the game’s newest deathmatch map, it’s exciting to see what we’ll be getting this summer.

The next rung in the event calendar after Anniversary, summer is full of beachy inspired skins mixed with Olympic Games style sporty cosmetics.

So here’s everything we know about the 2021 iteration of the iconic event, including possible dates, skins and more.


What is Overwatch Summer Games?

Overwatch Summer Games event
Blizzard Entertainment
Get ready to celebrate the summer!

The concept behind Overwatch’s Summer Games event is pretty simple. Based on the real life Olympic Games, we see a whole slew of sports based events, skins and challenges.

That’s not all, though. For those players who aren’t feeling particularly athletic, there’s several other skins perfectly suited for a day sunbathing on the beach or going for a stroll in the sun with some ice cream. During Summer Games, there’s literally something for everyone.

When is Overwatch Summer Games?

While Blizzard haven’t set an exact time for Summer Games 2021, but the event usually pops up in-game in early August. The dates of the last few years’ Summer Games events are listed below, and they let us speculate when the events will be happening:


  • 2016: August 2nd – August 22nd
  • 2017: August 8th – August 29th
  • 2018: August 9th- August 31st
  • 2019: July 16th – August 5th
  • 2020: August 4th – August 25th

While the obvious outlier is 2019’s Summer Games, the general pattern seems to be within the first couple of weeks of August. We can expect it to be anytime between August 2nd – August 31st.

Overwatch Summer Games skins & cosmetics

Overwatch Ana Summer Games skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Ana Cabana has become an iconic skin for support players.

Every Summer Games event is accompanied by three Epic Skins and five Legendary skins, alongside a whole collection of other summer themed goodies.

The most popular skins are quite often the ones representing the heroes country. Taegeukgi D.VA, Eidgenossin Mercy and Mexicana Sombra are all decorated in their country’s regional colors and flags, just as you’d see during a real life Olympics.

Sport specific skins are also some of the event’s most popular, and sometimes hilarious, drops. These include Kendoka Genji, Surf’s Up Echo and Fastball Zenyatta, all of which show off the character’s sport of choice.


As the Olympics have been postponed this year due to travel restrictions, Overwatch will be a great way to get your summer sport fix despite the chaos of the outside world. As soon was we know what skins are included, we’ll add them here. So make sure you check back!

Summer Games Weekly Challenges

Blizzard Entertainment
Union Jack Tracer was up for grabs during last year’s weekly challenges!

In order to cop those all important Legendary skins, you’ll have to complete three sets of weekly challenges. With past skins such as Sand Castle Bastion and Ice Cream Orisa up for grabs, the fifth rendition of the Summer Games traditions promises to be a good one.

As per usual, the weekly challenge system follows this pattern:


  • Win 3 games – Icon.
  • Win 6 games – Spray.
  • Win 9 games – Legendary Skin.

A new week equals a new set of cosmetics, with the all important skins being the pot of gold at the end of the Overwatch rainbow.

Lucioball Mode

Lucioball in Overwatch Summer Games
Blizzard Entertainment
To honor that Brazilian football spirit, we’ll get our hands on Lucioball once again!

There’s no nation with a more accomplished soccer history than Brazil, so it makes a lot of sense that the Summer Games event brings Lucioball back into the game.

Featuring three special locations (Busan Stadium, Sydney Harbour Arena and Estádio das Rãs) you’ll be tasked with completing weekly brawl challenges.

With every player locking in the Brazilian support, you’ll be zooming around the stadium using Crossfade and Soundwave, alongside Lucio’s new ability Turbo Boost to increase skating and jump speed.


Each game lasts for four minutes, or six if you’re playing competitive. Score the most points, and the glory is yours! And if you fancy more chaos, Lucioball Remix is also available with two balls instead of one.

That’s all you need to know about the Overwatch Summer Games Event! As more details become available we’ll update this page, so make sure to check back soon!