Ashe fans find perfect Overwatch Summer Games skin and it’s already in the game

Blizzard Entertainment

Ever wondered what Ashe’s Summer Games skin would look like in Overwatch? Well, fans already have an idea of what they want because Blizzard have already got a pretty cool design in the game!

Overwatch’s fifth Anniversary Event is in full swing, and for many it’s brought a refreshing breath of fresh air after a disappointing Archives Event.

Despite all of the fun and games, though, players are already peering into the future to catch a glimpse of the Summer Games event, which is set to drop sometime during the late summer period.

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Ahead of the Olympics-themed showdown, Ashe fans everywhere are asking for a new skin for our favorite Outlaw. It turns out, though, that the skin they want is already in the game, sort of.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe is beautiful yet deadly.

Overwatch players want Ashe Summer Games skin

Ashe has gotten a few new skins as of late, but she’s still one of the few heroes who doesn’t have a dedicated Summer Games design. There’s countless possibilities as to what sport she could represent, but fans know exactly what they want.

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One of Overwatch’s many Summer Games sprays sees the rebel queen of the Deadlock Gang transformed into a sporty version of herself. With her iconic silver hair pulled back into a messy bun and her eyes hidden from the sun by a chic red visor, this version of Ashe is dynamite – literally.

Additionally, she’s sporting a pair of running shorts and a zipper-style, high collared jacket adorned with white racing stripes. From the looks of her, she’d be the perfect Route 66 Summer Games representative.

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The question is, what event would she be repping her country for? Judging by the fact the spray includes her Viper rifle, we think she’d be the perfect villainess to take on skeet shooting (sometimes known as clay pigeon shooting).

What would make this skin even easier for Blizzard to create is the fact that the template is already there, and fans really are loving it. With 2.3k upvotes at the time of writing, this would be a great first Summer Games skin for the Deadlock menace.

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The event isn’t too far away, so we’re crossing everything we’ve got to make this skin become a reality. Virtually, of course.

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