Overwatch 2 leak gives first look at new Moira Mythic skin coming in Season 9

Liam Ho
Lilith Moira skin in Overwatch 2

An apparently Overwatch 2 leak has given players a first look at what appears to be a new Eldritch-inspired Moira Mythic skin coming in Season 9 of Blizzard’s hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 is sprinting towards the end of Season 8. The hero shooter’s most recent season saw the introduction of tank hero Mauga, as well as new balance changes, a new event, and a new battle pass.

However, outside of the slew of content the devs put out, players have been hungry for more exciting news to come to the hero shooter. With Season 9 looming around the corner, players have been questioning just which hero will be chosen to receive the next illustrious mythic skin.

Players need not wait any longer, as a leak has given a first look at the new Eldritch-inspired mythic skin for the support hero Moira.

OW2 leak showcases Moira in Eldritch-inspired mythic

The leak, made by a burner account on Twitter and since circulated across the web, shows Moira in a fittingly Eldritch outfit, complete with horrific eyes for orbs. Veins and thorns run throughout her costume, truly giving way to a mythical yet terrifying customization option.

The leaker also included a skin for both Reinhardt and Torbjorn, which may also join the Battle Pass come Season 9.

Of course, this is a leak, which means things aren’t necessarily set in stone, but with the trailer for the new season approaching very shortly, it’s entirely possible that this leak is the real deal for the new Mythic.

Like other Mythic tier skins in Overwatch 2, it’s likely the Moira mythic will seemingly come with several customization options. This could include a couple of changes to her outfit, as well as changes to the overall color scheme. However, we won’t know fully until the Mythic hits the live servers.