Overwatch 2 player accesses Kings Row’s new PVE area early and it’s massive

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A YouTuber discovered a way to access the unreleased PvE area of King’s Row in the Overwatch 2 beta via Sombra’s Translocator, and it’s enormous.

The highly-anticipated Overwatch 2 beta is underway, and players are finally getting the chance to test out new synergies and strategies in the playtest.

Twitch streamer xQc, who made his name originally as an Overwatch pro-player, already discovered a secret route on the new Colosseo map.

Now, one YouTuber has made an even bigger discovery, which unveils an entire area of a map completely unseen before.

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Sombra got a rework for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 player discovered unreleased Kings Row PvE area

YouTuber DragonEngineer discovered a way to enter the PvE area of the map which is not supposed to be accessible for players yet.

Playing as Sombra, Dragon went to a ledge high up near the attacker’s second spawn area.

Chucking a Translocator into a crack of a building, they glitched through the wall and accessed a massive part of the map never seen before. The unveiled PvE area is absolutely massive, rocking tons of wide-open spaces.

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There are also a few areas completely blacked out, meaning the PvE part of the map not be completely done just yet.

It seems that using Sombra is the only way to access this area in the Overwatch 2 beta. You can test out the Translocator trick to get through the map yourself, although it may take a few tries.

As the beta plays out players will continue to uncover glitches and secret areas on maps.

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The first beta for OW2 is planned to run until May 17, so players will get ample time to test this trick out, and discover many more.

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