Overwatch 2 dev says lethal Sombra rework is still “a while” away


Overwatch 2 Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson reveals that players must wait “a while” for a more “lethal” Sombra rework.

With the arrival of Season 4, Overwatch 2 has made some tweaks to existing Heroes. The adjustments included reducing Cassidy’s base health and a significant Ultimate alteration for Brigitte. Additionally, the competitive game has already planned to buff Lifeweaver in switching between his weapons.

As for other reworks, Dawson recently touched on Overwatch 2’s future plans to adjust Sombra’s abilities. However, the game is far off from introducing undetermined changes to Overwatch’s infiltrator character.

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Overwatch 2 dev reveals Sombra rework will have drawbacks

In a KarQ Twitch stream, Dawson teased a few future Hero adjustments – including Sombra. “She is going to be a bit more lethal, but that’s going to be coming with some other things and drawbacks to some of her escapability,” Dawson said. “That’s all I got to say for now, we will talk about it as time goes on.”

In March 2023, Dawson discussed Sombra’s potential changes with Twitch streamer BroYouWack. The Overwatch designer discussed how her Cloak or Translocator ability might need to disappear.

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“We still want Sombra players to enjoy her. Maybe there’s something new for her when she comes out,” Dawson remarked. “There’s a new toy in terms of an ability or something in her kit that’s very different.”

Besides Sombra, Dawson revealed that Overwatch was “almost done” with Mei’s primary fire buff. The adjustment would “build up to a bigger moment of that slow” instead of freezing opponents entirely. Previously, players were up in arms about devs removing Mei’s freeze ability in Overwatch 2.

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At the time of writing, there are no confirmed launch dates for either Sombra or Mei’s reworks. Stay updated with every possible change Lifeweaver may receive in the near future.

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