Overwatch 2 dev says Roadhog rework will make Tank less “selfish”

Roadhog is planned for a rework in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Alec Dawson, the Lead Hero Designer of Overwatch 2, shared some general details about Roadhog’s rework in an interview, mentioning that the hero has a certain “selfish” element to his play.

Roadhog has been through a lot in Overwatch 2, from being one of the scariest tanks near the start of the sequel with his ‘one-shot’ combo to being nerfed again and again until he was completely pushed out of the current meta.

For months now the developers of Overwatch 2 have been teasing a Roadhog rework that will make him fit into the new 5v5 environment a bit better.

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During a recent interview with KarQ and EvaLangwin, Alec Dawson laid out some general details that the devs are taking a closer look at when it comes to redesigning the gameplay of the hook-slinging maniac.

Overwatch 2 dev teases Roadhog changes

According to Dawson, the devs are looking at Roadhog’s rework from all possible angles that will affect players, from how transformative the rework should be to how much it should make Roadhog fit into the Tank role.

“Some of our main discussion is how transformative we want to be. We have some things where it’s like ‘oh yeah this feels great,’ but does it feel like a rework, is it enough to change how Roadhog fits into the tank role itself.”

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“Another question is how much should he fit into the tank role. There’s a component with Roadhog and people who enjoy Roadhog where there is a little selfish aspect there that is fun,” said Alec.

The devs seem to have big plans for a large chunk of the Overwatch 2 cast, as Dawson also confirmed that at some point the team will take a closer look at Sombra to up her lethality. In the same interview, he also mentioned that Mei’s primary fire changes are coming soon to the game.

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The months ahead of us seem to be riddled with adjustments, additions, and changes to the cast of the game, so players of Overwatch 2 will not run out of content to consume any time soon.

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