Overwatch Hero Designer reveals big Lifeweaver buffs coming in next OW2 patch

lifeweaver buffs in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer, Alec Dawson, has unveiled an assortment of buffs coming to Lifeweaver in the game’s next balance patch.

Lifeweaver’s debut as the new support hero has been lackluster so far, to say the least, with strange controls and low healing numbers that have left the community shaking its head in confusion.

Although the hero brings a unique utility set with his ability to save teammates who overextend and easily provide high-ground access, his overall numbers have left a lot to be desired.

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In addition to a revamped default control scheme coming later this month, the devs have also announced a series of buffs that will accompany those changes to make the support more fun to play.

Overwatch devs unveil major Lifeweaver buffs coming soon

In a post on Twitter, Alec Dawson announced that the changes would be arriving on April 25 and will feature an assortment of tweaks to Lifeweaver’s kit.

Of note, his Healing Blossom ammo is being increased by 8, and players won’t have to deal with having their movement penalized as much while charging up.

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Thorn Valley, Lifeweaver’s only means of dealing damage, is also being buffed by having its spread reduced to make it so that he can land a lot more shots.

Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life ultimate is also getting improved, with its health increasing to 1,200 while its pulse healing rises from 50 to 75.

Finally, Parting Gift, his controversial passive ability, is being removed completely after players complained that it was helping the enemy team way too much.

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“These changes look to increase Lifeweaver’s healing capabilities and smooth out a few of his weaknesses. We’ll continue to monitor his effectiveness over the next few weeks and see if additional changes are needed,” Dawson added.

Hopefully, these updates will greatly improve the new hero as he becomes legal in ranked play and even in the Overwatch League when we see what the pros can do with the character.

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