Overwatch 2 leaker claims Mauga will be Season 2’s new tank hero

Mauga ow2 leakBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 leaker with a very accurate track record is claiming that Mauga will be Season 2’s newest tank hero.

Overwatch 2’s first season is still ongoing, but we’ve already received a major leak at the identity of the next hero joining the roster in time for Season 2 in December.

Redditor ‘OW2leaks4u’ has an impressive history of leaks, including revealing that Kiriko was the long-awaited ‘fox hero’ long before she was officially announced.

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Now, the leaker has broken his silence yet again and shared even more info about what fans can expect from Season 2 – and it lines up with what Game Director Aaron Keller had previously teased.

Mauga leaked as Overwatch 2’s next tank

In a post on Reddit, OW2leaks4u was asked if they had information about the next hero – and they replied in a very cheeky way.

“My aunt’s uncle got arthritis,” they said, adding a frowny face. While this may seem like a non-response at first glance, if you take the first letter from every word, it spells out MAUGA.

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mauga in ow2Reddit
Mauga may have just been leaked.

Mauga has been a very popular character in the Overwatch world despite only being shown in comics and short stories. He’s also connected with Baptiste, a support hero added mid-way through the original OW.

This isn’t the first hint related to Mauga, either. During an OWL broadcast, Aaron Keller let it slip that the new hero was male and someone fans had “seen before.”

Additionally, Keller said that the new map coming in Season 2 would be connected to the upcoming hero.

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Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment
Mauga has been part of Overwatch lore for some time.

As for what type of map it is, Art Director Dion Rogers told Dexerto that a King of the Hill map could be coming “sooner than later.” This suggests that Mauga might be getting his own KOTH map when he launches.

Of course, regardless of the new hero’s identity, players will need to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass to play them right away or grind the free track to unlock the character.

Expect more details about the next hero and map in the weeks ahead, especially with a big balance patch looming ahead for Season 2, which could include changes designed for Mauga joining the roster.

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