Overwatch 2 Game Director accidentally leaks details about Season 2’s tank hero

Overwatch 2 new tank teaseBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller revealed a bit more than he probably intended to about the next hero scheduled to release in Season 2.

After many years, Overwatch 2 is finally playable. Despite a series of major hiccups at launch including two massive DDoS attacks that hammered the game’s servers, things have stabilized and players can enjoy the game.

Unlike the first game, Overwatch 2 operates on a seasonal Battle Pass model with new heroes being added on alternating seasons. The second season is a big one, because unlike future ones, it will feature a new map and a new hero.

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Not much was known about the hero prior to October 7 aside from the fact it will be a tank hero with a gameplay mechanic players have been asking for. However, during an OWL broadcast, Aaron Keller revealed a lot more details.

Mauga in OWBlizzard Entertainment
Could Mauga be the next OW2 hero?

Upcoming Overwatch 2 tank hero details teased

Speaking with the Overwatch League hosts, Keller discussed how Season 2 will have new cosmetics and other goodies before hinting at the next hero.

“It’s someone that players have seen before,” Keller teased. “And the other thing we’re putting out in Season 2 is a new map. And I think, the new hero, he’s connected to this map.”

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As noted by the hosts, Keller said that the hero is a “he” thereby limiting the pool of potential candidates in the Overwatch universe.

While the Game Director didn’t give any additional clues, the fact that we know it’s a male who doesn’t already have a map connected to him is a big deal.

Some major candidates could include the likes of Mauga from the Baptiste story, the mysterious Omnic from the end of the Storm Rising Archives mission, or any side character.

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Additionally, while Keller didn’t say what kind of map it would be, speaking with Dexerto, Art Director Dion Rogers said that a King of the Hill map could be coming “sooner than later.”

We’ll have to see just who this new hero is, but this tease should certainly spark a lot of speculation from fans anxiously awaiting his reveal.

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