Genji player instantly wins Overwatch team fight with sickest Deflect in history

Genji 5k best deflectBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player pulled off the craziest Genji Deflect in history in a play that absolutely needs to be seen to be believed.

Genji’s Deflect ability is one of the best parts of his kit, literally reflecting oncoming attacks and even some ultimates back at opposing players.

It may not be super uncommon to see Genji’s Deflect enemy Zarya ultimates and then capitalize by using their Dragon Blade to secure kills, but picking up five frags with a single Deflect is practically folklore.

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That is until now. Caught on stream by Overwatch streamer Warn, a Genji on the enemy team managed to make a Tracer look silly by Deflecting Pulse Bomb back at them. The end result was a whopping five kills on Dorado with just one ability.

One Deflect, five kills

What made this whole situation even more insane was that the Deflected Pulse Bomb was sent through a Baptiste Amplification Matrix, meaning it ended up doubling its damage.

Pulse Bomb’s explosion deals 350 damage, so when it’s sent through Amplification Matrix, that number becomes 700 – enough to kill any hero in the game.

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As you can see on the kill feed, the Genji player died himself in the explosion, but took out five enemies in the process, effectively winning the team fight.

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Genji and HanzoBlizzard
Deflect is a powerful ability.

The Tracer’s teammates were not happy either, flaming the DPS hero for “throwing” and calling them a “f**king idiot.”

Warn’s team did end up winning the match, but the Genji Deflect was a worthy Play of the Game.

“Pulse Bomb to the 5K!” Warn exclaimed. “Oh my God, what the f**k was that?!”

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Considering how quickly the fight was won on the back of a single Deflect, it’s clear that this is a play that will go down in history, especially as it was in a Competitive PC lobby.

Until we ever end up seeing a 6K Genji Deflect, this one should remain one of if not the best of all time.

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