Incredible Sojourn Diablo crossover would make perfect Overwatch 2 release skin

Brad Norton
Overwatch hero Sojourn next to Diablo Witch Doctor

While Overwatch 2’s release date is still a mystery, that hasn’t stopped fans from putting together an epic Diablo-themed skin for the yet unreleased Sojourn hero.

An exact release date for Overwatch 2 is still up in the air. Despite a few gameplay snippets this year, the latest reports from Dexerto’s own Richard Lewis claims a Summer 2022 launch could be in the cards at the earliest.

Yet, in spite of this potential six-year gap between titles, that hasn’t stopped the community from getting creative. As Sojourn was the first Overwatch 2 hero revealed, many have been begging for the DPS hero to join the current lineup in the base game.

But before she makes an impact on the meta, some have already turned their attention to her skins. While her default look is already intimidating, a fresh Diablo-themed coat of paint ramps up Sojourn’s style in more ways than one.

The Witch Doctor in Diablo is one of the game’s more difficult classes to master. Best known for her summoning abilities, as she calls on a wide range of allies to help her fight, the character’s menacing look has now been dropping into Overwatch thanks to Sojourn.

A stunning design from Reddit user ‘CornyLope’ merges the two together. Sojourn takes the Witch Doctor’s look for her own unique skin.

Fit with tribal paint from head to toe, not to mention skulls on her back and her weapon, this visual completely changes the upcoming hero.

Even Sojourn’s hairstyle has been altered to fit in with its Diablo inspiration. With a few quick voice lines and perhaps even a different weapon effect, this skin could be an ideal pick for launch.

Sojourn in Overwatch
We haven’t seen much of Sojourn since her 2019 reveal.

It wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard has looked to its other games for inspiration. Various Overwatch skins have taken from the likes of StarCraft, for instance, to make memorable cosmetics.

As a result, this Diablo-themed Sojourn skin isn’t out of the realm of possibility. While there’s no telling if we’ll see this design at launch, it could be a safe bet for a special crossover down the line.

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