Overwatch StarCraft Reinhardt skin revealed: how to get, release date, price

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Raynor Reinhardt
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has unveiled a brand new Reinhardt skin in Overwatch that turns the crusader into Jim Raynor from the StarCraft series, and we have all the info on how to unlock this new skin for yourself as part of BlizzCon 2021.

Every year, Blizzard releases a special content pack for its games that provides players with special, limited-time cosmetics. Last year we got a pair of Night Elf skins for Genji and Symmetra, and after more than a year it seems to be Reinhardt’s turn.

On Monday, February 1, Blizz dropped a bunch of new info for the online BlizzCon coming up February 19-20, including how to watch, and everything included in this year’s bundle. For Overwatch fans, the highlight is definitely the new StarCraft crossover skin that turns Rein into Jim Raynor.

Blizzard BlizzConline bundle 2021
Blizzard Entertainment
If you’re a StarCraft and Overwatch fan, you’re loving life right now.

Where to even begin with a skin as cool as this one? Reinhardt has literally been transformed into a Terran Marine, with the distinctive rounded spacesuit-like armor that’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played a bit of the famous sci-fi RTS before.

His hammer was apparently patched together by an SCV with a bayonet on the base, and it sort of resembles a Terran building, complete with rocket boosters on the back to lift off when the Zerg rush gets too intense.

Finally, instead of Reinhardt’s head peeking out from inside the armor, it’s none other than Raynor himself. This skin sort of looks like McCree wanted to play tank for a day, which let’s be honest, just makes it even better.

Blizzard Entertainment
With this new skin, Raynor and McCree can finally team up together outside of our fanfics. Thanks Blizzard!

How to get Overwatch Starcraft Reinhardt BlizzCon skin

If you want to get the Raynor Reinhardt skin for yourself (and who doesn’t) you’ll need to be prepared to open up your wallet, as a skin this good definitely won’t be coming free.

There are three different BlizzCon “bundles” you can purchase this year, but the “Raynhardt” legendary skin is only available in the Heroic ($39.99) or Epic ($59.99) packs.

Now, what pack you want to buy depends on how many different Blizzard games you play. All of the cosmetics come with the Heroic Pack, so if you’re looking to spend the least amount of money, that’s the way to go. Exactly how to buy the bundle and link them to your account is listed below:

How to unlock Overwatch’s Starcraft Reinhardt BlizzCon skin

  1. Log in to Blizzard.com with the account you want to receive the skin on.
  2. Head over to the Blizzard Shop page, and decide which bundle you want to purchase.
  3. Enter required payment and other info, and complete the transaction.
  4. The new “Raynhardt” legendary skin should be in your Hero Gallery as soon as it becomes available in Overwatch.
Blizzard Entertainment
Along with the skin you’ll also get an exclusive Player Icon, Spray and loot boxes.

When will the new Reinhardt skin be released?

According to Blizzard’s announcement, the “Raynhardt” skin will be available in Overwatch on February 18, just before BlizzCon gets going on the 19th.

It might not be an update on Overwatch 2, but as far as crossover skins go, this is one that’s been on fan’s wishlists since day one, and it’s great to see it finally arrive.

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