Overwatch Halloween Terror goes to hell with new goat Satyr Lucio skin

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror has delivered on its amazing skins yet again. This time, with a new goat Satyr Lucio skin.

Each year, Overwatch’s seasonal Halloween Terror event delivers some of the game’s most classic and loved skins, along with its usual content.

2021’s event has already brought fans an IT-inspired Roadhog, and some amazing other skins for Reinhardt, Brigitte, and Echo.

Now, just before the event goes live, it seems Overwatch has saved the best for last.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Lucio skin: Saytr Lucio

The Overwatch Twitter account has just revealed what is likely the final Legendary skin ahead of this year’s event going live.

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The skin features Lucio, everyone’s favorite frog, transformed into a hellish goat, with all kinds of spooky details that make this an instant classic Lucio skin.

Satyr, the skin’s name, comes from Greek mythology that refers to wild and partying companions of the god Dionysus that resemble goats as a part of their appearance.

Oddly enough, the Overwatch community had previously mocked up a somewhat similar skin concept for Lucio back in August of 2021.

While this skin shares the same name as the one that has just come out in-game, the designs are pretty different overall.

The new Satyr Lucio skin will be available throughout the 2021 Halloween Terror event, which is set to run from October 12 to November 2.

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Be sure to log on during that time and try for your chance to earn one of the brand-new skins in a Loot Box, or even one of the classics from years past.