Overwatch 2 is reportedly drastically changing how Junkrat works

Junkrat changed in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s explosive DPS hero seems to be getting some interesting changes in Overwatch 2 and fans are mixed on rework to one of his core abilities.

Blizzard is gearing up for some big Overwatch 2 news by letting YouTubers and streamers ask questions directly to the devs along with showing them the patch notes for a build of the game pros had a chance to try out.

In these notes, it seems like Junkrat’s rework was revealed and there are some very interesting things to keep in mind with it.

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According to Overwatch YouTuber Bro You Wack, Junkrat’s Trap will function completely differently from how it does in the first game.

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Junkrat’s Trap reworked in Overwatch 2

Now, when an enemy steps on it, it will still activate, but they won’t be stuck in place. Instead, it will slow them down tremendously after they go over it.

“It’s as if you had a severed leg and you are dragging your leg, which is really cool,” the YouTuber explained.

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It’s unclear how fast you can still move after getting trapped, but it’s possible that may make Junkrat’s Trap-Mine combo obsolete if players can avoid the mine, which in the live game can kill most squishy heroes.

That said, this is all part of a larger plan to decrease CC across the board. Of course, this update is still subject to change as the game draws closer to release.

Junkrat on Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment
Fans are not too happy about the Junkrat changes.

Players not happy with Junkrat changes

Fans, however, weren’t too happy with the update. “You essentially turned his only utility/counterplay tool into an ability slot filler that won’t be able to do the very thing it was purposed to do/counter,” a player wrote on the forums, accusing the devs of “gutting” the Australian hero’s utility.

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“At the very least they should give it the Hack treatment and make it root for 1 second and slow for 2-3. It seems crazy for it to not stop people at all,” another wrote, referencing Sombra’s rework.

It will be interesting to see what other abilities are being revamped for Overwatch 2, and hopefully, we won’t have long to wait to find out how the devs are changing up other existing heroes.

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