Hilarious Overwatch basketball trick lets Zarya send enemies flying

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An Overwatch player has discovered a wild trick that gives Zarya’s ultimate the ability to send enemies soaring through the air, and all you need is a basketball.

Zarya’s ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, is one of the best crowd-control tools in the entire game.

And while the Russian bodybuilder is getting some changes in OW2, her ultimate in the prequel has produced some of the franchise’s biggest plays.

But, this simple basketball trick may send all those plays flying, along with the enemy team.

zarya flexingActivision Blizzard
Who knew Zarya’s ult was this strong??

Zarya basketball trick

To celebrate hitting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, Overwatch content creator McMagicMarv has made a compilation video featuring a tricky piece of tech involving Zarya’s Graviton Surge and the basketballs from the spawn room.

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The trick is basic enough: Get a basketball out to the battlefield, lure an enemy to it, and use your ultimate on the basketball.

Doing so causes Zarya’s ult to attach to the basketball and shoot erratically through the air, usually in an upward direction.

Marv’s video shows some of the hilarious results on several different maps, appropriately dubbing this “Zarya Space Jam.”

This is just one of the many Tank tricks that Marv walks fans through. He’s also got some great guides on getting high ground and extra ult charge out of Reinhardt, as well as some useful tricks for maximizing Roadhog’s hook.

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Players will have to adapt these tricks in Overwatch 2, as nearly every hero will be receiving a rework going into the sequel. This will be especially true for Tanks.

Hopefully, fans are able to test these changes for themselves soon enough. While there has been no official release date made public for OW2 just yet, reports have suggested that the game may come as early as Spring 2022.

If this were to be the case, there may be cause for optimism surrounding a beta, or more about the game’s release, by the close of 2021.

We will continue to provide updates on this and more news on our dedicated Overwatch page, don’t miss out!

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