Simple Overwatch trick give Reinhardt tons of extra ultimate charge

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Every ultimate matters in Overwatch and getting as many ults in a game can be key to success. With this simple Reinhardt trick, you’ll be shocked at how much extra ult charge you can get.

In Overwatch, players do damage to one another with their weapons and abilities in order to gain charge towards their ultimate ability. Simple enough, right?

Wrong. There are a few tricky techniques that can help players get an advantage over their adversaries when it comes to getting ults online fast.

One very simple such trick applies to the German shield-bearer, Reinhardt.

Reinhardt tips and tricks
Reinhardt has some crazy combos with his abilities.

Reinhardt ultimate charge boost trick

McMagicMarv is an OW content creator that has made many helpful series on hero tech. In one of his latest videos, he walks through how some Tank tips, with one being especially useful for Reinhardt mains.

This tech essentially involves the use of Firestrike right before the player connects with their Earth Shatter ultimate.

If you can manage to hit some enemies with the Firestrike, you will already be up to upwards of 25% ult charge once you use Earth Shatter.

Such an advantage cannot be overlooked and, while situational, can greatly help players to get ahead of the opposition in clutch moments.

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This isn’t the only useful tech that Marv has shown off in his content. He’s also go some other great tips for Reinhardt’s kit, and a very tricky “drop mech” trick for D.Va.

With a game as complex and intricate as Overwatch, these tricks, and others like them, can be what either makes or breaks a match.

It will be interesting to see what early sorts of tech come out in the early testing phase of Overwatch 2. Right now, only the pros have been able to get their hands on the new game, but once it is played by the masses it will only be a matter of time before more tricks like these are discovered.

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