Mindblowing Overwatch trick lets Reinhardt boost to high ground on every map

Amazing Overwatch trick lets Reinhardt jump while charging to reach higher groundBlizzard

In Overwatch, positioning yourself on the high ground can be crucial, and this nifty Reinhardt Charge Jump trick can help the slow-moving tank reach what would otherwise be unreachable.

Overwatch is a game of inches, and sometimes, the difference between a win and a loss can come down to positioning – especially in terms of who has the high ground.

Reinhardt is notoriously slow and immobile, which is to be expected since he’s one of the tankiest heroes. However, his Charge ability helps him make up lost ground, and it turns out, you can use it to reach higher ground, too.

Reinhardt on Kings RowBlizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt’s ‘Charge Jump’ lets him scale walls and obstacles with relative ease.

How to do the Reinhardt ‘Charge Jump’ Overwatch trick

The Reinhardt ‘Charge Jump’ trick can come in clutch when you’re trying to get onto higher ground. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • First, start your charge at a location that will lead you to a wall or obstacle that you can scale. Some examples include the bridge on the Temple of Anubis, the green bus on Numbani, and castle ledges on Eichenwalde.
  • Then, hold jump at the end, right when you’re about to clip the obstacle or wall. If timed correctly, Reinhardt will effectively climb over and reach higher ground.
  • Practice makes perfect. It might take a bit of time, effort, and a lot of repetition to master the trick. But once you do, you can seamlessly integrate it into your gameplay. You might even find some other places to use it, too!

And that’s all there is to it! Reinhardt’s Charge Jump is a simple but effective trick that lets you take full advantage of the game’s physics and mechanics to give yourself a nice little boost. It’s situational, but it can be handy.

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