Overwatch “drop Remech” trick makes D.Va’s ultimate even deadlier

Dva in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

D.Va’s Remech has become one of the most lethal ultimates in Overwatch when timed right and, thanks to a handy trick, it can be even more devastating to enemies trying to stagger her.

The Overwatch devs’ decision to buff D.Va’s Remech started off as an April Fools joke, but soon led to calls from community members for it to be permanent.

The reasoning was simple enough: for D.Va players sick of being staggered in their baby form, this could give them a tool to deal with enemies trying to body block her and just waste time after a fight.

Sadly, this hasn’t exactly put an end to stalling, with players still finding ways to stagger the pilot D.Va and sometimes even using the Remech buff against her to get even more ultimate charge by damaging the new mech.

Now, players have discovered a new trick that can catch players off-guard as they try to stagger her and secure some nice frags in the process.

The tip comes from Overwatch YouTuber and streamer McMagicMarv, who has been finding loads of weird interactions for a number of different heroes in recent months.

This “Drop Remech” trick basically lets D.Va get back into her mech was falling off a map. By walking backwards off a ledge until you’re on air, but still not falling, then activating your ultimate, you will drop, but your mech will land on the high ground.

Dva sym tp glitchBlizzard Entertainment
The trick can have some funny interactions.

If you’re lucky, the enemies will end up being killed and you can boost away to safety. But there are some weird interactions to be had with this, such as getting stuck in a Junkrat trap or trying to take a Symmetra Teleporter at the same time.

It’s unclear if this is intentional or a bug, so it’s always possible that it gets patched out in a later update, but until then, try it out for yourself if the right situation arises.