Deadly Overwatch trick turns Roadhog’s hook into a slingshot

Connor Knudsen
Activision Blizzard

Roadhog’s hook has always been a thing of destruction in Overwatch and with this new tech, it may also become a slingshot. 

Members of the community are constantly on the lookout for new ways of finding technical exploits in the game to get the most out of each hero.

Some have more opportunities for this, like Reinhardt and D.Va for example, while other heroes struggle to find ways to innovate.

Roadhog mains rejoice as a player has rediscovered a piece of tech that will surely net some more environmental kills in your ranked matches.

Roadhog Overwatch
Activision Blizzard
Roadhog is one of Overwatch’s deadliest Tanks, and this tech is icing on the cake.

Overwatch: How to turn Roadhog’s hook into a slingshot

Reddit user andygmb recently posted a clip of a Roadhog tech that allows players to use the hero’s ultimate immediately after hooking an enemy to send them flying across the map.

It’s a bit tricky to perfect, as commenters have pointed out that one of the keys is to use his ultimate before the hook animation ends, in order to keep the momentum of the enemy moving.

From the video below, the results are amazing if you can get it right, and would surely lead to some hilarious environmental kills.

The only problem with this combo is that it does require a lot from the user, both mechanically and in terms of ability usage.

You must make sure you’re targeting a tank that they would otherwise not kill upon hooking, have their ultimate online, land a hook, and be on a map with an edge nearby. Combined, this is not an easy prospect.

But, the combo is well worth it and quite effective, especially if you are in a situation where one clutch kill will seal a match. And, style points have to count for something, right?