Gamebreaking Overwatch bug makes Bastion invincible & shoot through walls

Michael Gwilliam
Overwatch LEGO Bastion

Overwatch developers have been alerted after a brutal new exploit is letting players become invincible as Bastion, and even shoot at enemy teams through walls.

Exploits in Overwatch come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most extreme lets heroes reach positions that are completely out of bounds while still being active on the battlefield.

This is the case with a newly-discovered bug on Junkertown. It lets Bastion retain the invincibility from technically being “in the spawn” area while also allowing him to shoot at enemies – a deadly combination to say the least.

The exploit, which was showcased by Twitch streamer Adovahkitty, was abused by a player on the other team during a February broadcast.

As you can see in the clip, Adovahkitty’s team was attacking and nearly captured the final objective only to come up against a Bastion who was hidden out of bounds. The end result was a near unbreakable defense.

Bastion can be one of the deadliest heroes in Overwatch, thanks to his incredibly high damage per second. As such, being able to remain completely invincible while raining fire down onto enemy teams makes attacking nearly impossible.

“He’s out of the map,” the streamer’s teammate explained. “He’s in their spawn.”

The streamer even got to see the Bastion’s POV thanks to Overwatch’s kill cam’s, exposing the bug abuse.

After the game ended in a loss, one of Adovahkitty’s teammates used the replay viewer to check how it was done. Basically, by choosing Tracer, you can Blink through the wall, change heroes and remain immortal.

Adovahkitty documented the bug abuse on Twitter where other users tagged Overwatch Community Manager Josh Nash to report the exploit.

“Appreciate the tag here. Do you mind DMing me the replay code?” Nash responded.

Luckily, the streamer sent him the code for the developers to take a look at, so hopefully this issue won’t be plaguing very many games for much longer.

Until then, however, as the support streamer suggested, it may be ideal for the devs to remove Junkertown from competitive rotation in the meantime.

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