Secret Overwatch change is making heroes die in ridiculous ways

Michael Gwilliam
Tracer stares off looking concerned

Overwatch patches have a tendency to include the odd bug or glitch, but a new change in a recent update is getting players killed in places they were completely safe in before.

Anyone who has ever played a game of Overwatch is familiar with railings – parts of maps found on high ground that can be broken off with a quick melee.

These railings can be quite problematic unless dealt with as they can potentially block the damage you’re trying to rain down on opponents.

This is why many Overwatch matches begin with defenders breaking railings before the attackers can even leave their spawn – it makes for a small advantage that can end up paying dividends.

However, there are some railings that defenders don’t break as they’re a bit too far out of the way or are rarely in a position to block attacks. On such railing is found on Volskaya Point B and as it turns out, it takes more than one hit to destroy now.

Railings normally only take a single melee to destroy. This is extra useful for heroes such as Widowmaker with her Grapple ability, which allows her to reach new locations. Popular streamer Brain ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre is no stranger to this, so he was extra shocked when he discovered the railing takes more than one melee to destroy now.

During a February 7 broadcast, the Widow main showcased this while queuing for a competitive match. As you can see, he fell to his doom despite meleeing the railing.

“Whichever Overwatch developer/engineer changed it to where that fucking railing on Volskaya’s flank doesn’t break off one melee… I hope you step on a lego,” he blasted in a tweet.

Apparently, this railing problem isn’t limited to just Volskaya Industries either. In the replies another user remarked, “Same thing happened to me on Chateau, not sure if it’s the railings or something with meleeing after Widow hook.”

In any case, it looks like this hidden change is one that all Widowmaker players should be aware of. It’s also a neat thing to keep in the back of your mind if the enemy team has a good Widow on their team.

In that case, not destroying the railing could let you secure a frag in a relatively weird fashion.

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