Overwatch 2 “infested” with blatant cheaters even in Top 500

Carver Fisher
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Over the past few weeks, a number of blatant cheaters have shown up in Overwatch 2’s top ranked matches, making many streamers and high-level players wonder how they got there without being hit with bans.

And, while some of them end up being banned eventually, getting into the highest ranks in Overwatch takes a lot of time. To get to the point they can snipe streamers and ruin games, they’d have to be cheating for dozens and dozens of matches.

In all fairness to Blizzard, there are points where these players get caught in the act and banned.

However, the above clip is a bit more of a tame example than some of the cheaters players have run into. A clip from one of BastionMain’s matches caught the eye of many community members, Flats being the biggest one, and started a larger conversation about the issue.

The clip in question depicts a spinbotter, someone who’s been duoed with another player and is presumably boosting them through the ranks. It isn’t clear whether or not the other player with them is cheating, although Flats was suspicious.

Fair warning that this clip is of a spinbotter, meaning their screen rapidly rotates. Not a recommended watch if you get motion sick easily.

This led to Flats giving the replay a look for himself on stream and commenting on the situation on stream, explaining just how bad of an issue this is in his eyes and why this issue may be happening.

“Something’s up with Overwatch. There’s been a massive influx of cheaters in the last couple of weeks. There’s a notorious duo that’s running around the middle of Top 500, just cheating every single day. They’ve been doing it in people’s streams, and nothing ever happens.”

He was critical of the devs for not having better systems in place to detect and ban these cheaters before they even hit the ranked ladder.

“I understand if there’s some guy cheating in Quick Play, it’s hard to detect them, not many games played, but this guy has gotten all the way into a Top 500 lobby,” he explained. “It’s like watching a Roomba. The best part is, they’re f***ing terrible! They’re so ***!”

Flats has taken a step back from Overwatch 2 as of late despite it being the main game he’s known for. Him, along with many other streamers, aren’t big on Season 10 and can’t justify dumping dozens upon dozens of hours into it like they used to.

And, while cheaters like this aren’t the only reason for that, he was very critical of Blizzard’s banning process and was flabbergasted that these players have been allowed to wreak havoc like this.

“This is not the only isolated case. I’ve seen so many people talking about cheating for the past three or four weeks. I had multiple cheaters in my game, multiple games in a row,” he claimed.

“Makes me really sad though. As much as I’m not really feeling Overwatch right now, the game just doesn’t feel very fun to me, seeing it being absolutely f***ing destroyed by cheaters right now and nothing gets done… Like, they were in my games, in emongg’s games.

“No ego, as some of the biggest streamers in this game, if you have people who blatantly, openly rage-hacking in the games and nothing gets done, that’s the most embarrassing thing you could say of a video game,” he asserted. “Actually f***ing embarrassing.”

Flats also hinted that he knew more that he wouldn’t say openly on stream, that there’s more to the story here that he couldn’t publicly disclose.

“There’s more to the story that, at least I’ve heard? But I don’t wanna say it, I honestly don’t wanna say it, I don’t wanna bring attention to it. But it’s bad, it’s so f***ing bad.”

He concluded with a warning: “I’m not gonna tell you what to do, but I’d probably be very careful going into Overwatch ranked right now. Good luck.”

This comes after a game-breaking bug with Venture was discovered as well, ruining the experience for those who didn’t know they could burrow under the ground indefinitely.

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