Insane Overwatch map exploit lets Widowmaker reach impossible heights - Dexerto

Insane Overwatch map exploit lets Widowmaker reach impossible heights

Published: 11/Nov/2020 19:30

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch exploit is plaguing players on Temple of Anubis facing off against Widowmakers who don’t want to play nice.

The exploit, which seems to have been in the game for at least a fortnight, makes use of a known bug Dexerto previously discussed where Tracer can Blink through walls.

However, this exploit is far worse, as it allows Widowmaker to reach locations and heights thought to be impossible and for all intents and purposes are.

Video of the exploit was posted to YouTube by user nevermindthebollocks who showed off a replay of an open queue competitive match on Temple of Anubis.


Widowmaker glares
Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker exploits can easily break the game.

While in the first point spawn, the player jumps onto some cabinets as Tracer and then Blinks while on top of them towards a window. This allows the player to clip outside and then switch to Widowmaker because technically the game thinks it’s still the spawn area.

Because it’s open queue without role restrictions, another player then swaps to Tracer to perform the trick, and then to Mercy to accompany the Widow on their shenanigans.

From there, the two can go around the back of the spawn and into a new area where Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook comes into play, allowing her to reach unintended areas.


Eventually, after some grapples, further allowing the Widow to keep going upwards, it seems to reach a point where she hits the skybox, breaking the game and allows her to essentially fly. All this while being damage boosted.

Clearly, this bug is very serious and very simple to execute. The video was reposted to the Competitive Overwatch subreddit by a user hoping to make Blizzard aware of the problem.

“I posted so maybe Blizz could fix it,” they explained. “No exposure gets no patches.”

Hopefully, now that more people are aware, the developers can get to work either fixing the exploit or even removing the map from the pool until the issue is resolved.