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Insane Baptiste Immortality Field trickshot saves Overwatch players from certain death

Published: 9/Feb/2021 10:52

by Lauren Bergin


When it comes to Overwatch supports Baptise shouldn’t be underrated. An insane new trick using the Haitian’s Immortality Field on Volskaya Industries can make or break a team fight. 

Overwatch support players often default to the more popular options such as Moria and Mercy meaning that Baptise, the rocket launcher wielding combat medic, gets left out in the cold a little.

This doesn’t mean that he’s gone and forgotten though, which has been proven by the fact that he’s received the new Legendary Terracotta Medic skin as part of the Lunar New Year event.

A new trick that’s surfaced on Reddit, however, may take the hero from the bottom of your support pool all the way to the top.


Blizzard EntertainmentThe combat medic has a pitiful pick rate, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Baptiste Immortality Field Trick

One of the support’s most useful abilities is his Immortality Field, which ensures that all allies within its radius can’t be killed. As Reddit user MightyMrTea proves, the ability can really turn the tide of the battle.

Conveniently having slowed down their insane shot, the player is seen exiting the B Point attacker side spawn, then using Baptiste’s Exo Boots to jump. At the apex of their bounce they fire off their Field, aiming over the archway and slightly to the right (using the yellow building with the “V” as a guide).

The life saving device bounces off of the top of the entrance to the workshop, landing right in the middle of the ally team.


Best Lamp throw I’ve had to date from r/Overwatch

Fluke or fantastic play?

While MightyMrTea himself seems pretty impressed at his own abilities, writing that this was the “best Lamp throw [he’s] had to date,” it seems like you can master the angle of this trick with a bit of practice.

After all, this player clearly went through the thought process of working out what the best angle to clear the archway and still make it onto Point B was, but maybe didn’t expect an outcome this perfect.

Inspired to try out Baptiste yet? Show the underrated support (and your team) some love next time you’re on Volskaya and give this one a go!