Overwatch 2 Junkrat player finds “diabolical” trap spot to shut down other Junkrats

Patrick Dane
Overwatch 2 matchmaking

An Overwatch 2 Junkrat player has shown off a particularly clever, yet devious place to trap other Junkrat players on Circuit Royale.

Junkrat is one of Overwatch 2’s most unique heroes. The unhinged explosives expert can take over games if left unchecked, able to output an absurd amount of damage. If you’re looking to defend a choke, hiding around a corner and spamming it with explosives is bound to get you a couple of kills. 

However, his mobility also makes him wildly fun to play. His concussive mines give him a unique mobility that allows him to disengage or, the more fun option, engage exceedingly aggressively. “J-Silly”, as the community affectionately knows him, is a good swap whenever you’re feeling like having a good time. 

However, he can also be a pain to play against, and good Junkrats will use not just their kit to do ungodly amounts of damage, but also deny space. With a cleverly placed trap, you can do a lot to thwart an incoming attack.   

However, one player has taken that deviousness to the next level to counter other Junkrat tricks.

This is evil play by a Junkrat player

In a Reddit post that has garnered over 4k upvotes on Reddit, user Bearonabus shared one of the most heinous trap kills you are likely ever to see. In the video we see a Junkrat on the Circuit Royale map jump up and put a trap on top of a building. This is to stop other sneaky Junkrats trying to fly themselves over the building.

It just so happens, he catches a one doing just that, who then dies for their hubris. 

Commenters are in awe of the foresight and evilness of the plan. One commented, “We have found the Alpha Rat.” Another simply added: “That’s diabolical.”

Others were wowed by the unique minds Junkrat players have. A user said: “You Junkrat players are sick and twisted on a different level.” Another concurred, saying: “Junkrat mains are a different breed”

Junkrat really does add a unique flavor to Overwatch 2. Some likely hate that, but others absolutely love it. That’s what makes the game so unique, is this blend of playstyles that when smashed together can create magic.