Former Overwatch 2 dev responds to insane Roadhog bug that teleports players across map

Liam Ho
Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework

Overwatch 2 players were left baffled by an insane Roadhog bug that allowed his hook to teleport players across the map on Hollywood.

Overwatch 2 is a pretty complex game. With a heap of heroes, all with unique abilities, maps, and more, there’s a fair amount of learning for players to undertake. The same goes for the devs, who have to ensure the game remains bug-free and balanced for the fans of the hero shooter.

Of course, bugs still crop up from time to time, but the devs are usually quick to implement new patches that fix or solve these issues. However, whenever new content is added to the title, there are bound to be some bugs that crawl into the Overwatch 2 system.

And now players are expressing their bewilderment over an insane Roadhog bug that has players teleporting across the map for some reason.

For some reason, Roadhog can hook players on Hollywood and teleport them to the other side of the map. This happened to one unfortunate Doomfist who ended up getting teleported all the way to the 3rd point.

What’s even more bizarre is that the Doomfist player saw the Roadhog teleport with them, but they were actually still on the first point. This jankiness resulted in the Doomfist’s death, potentially losing them the match.

Players began complaining about how this issue has not yet been fixed, particularly since this bug was known since the start of the season.

“How is this happening for since the start of the season and this map is still not locked” one player complained.

A former developer on the game, Justin Groot, took to social media to explain why the interaction occurred. He said the script on the chain ability for Roadhog is “legendary.”

“It looks like every subway map in the world layered on top of itself… A butterfly flaps its wings in that script and you get this scenario 2,000 visual scripting nodes away,” Groot explained.

Another former Overwatch 2 developer chimed in on the post as well, saying that Chain Hook and Ping were “the greatest spaghetti highways man could ever dream of creating.”

Whether this interaction fo spaghetti code will be fixed by Blizzard anytime soon has yet to be seen.