Devastating Genji & Hanzo bugs break Overwatch 2 heroes in accidental nerf

Jeremy Gan
Genji Overwatch 2

An Overwatch 2 bug has broken an essential ability of Genji and Hanzo, causing major accidental nerfs to both heroes’ movement in their wall climbing ability.

Season 10 has officially kicked off, bringing with it a massive amount of changes to the game’s systems, a new hero, and most importantly, hero balances. 

However, an unexpected nerf to Genji and Hanzo was discovered as players realized that with the new season also came a bug that broke Genji’s wall climb, one of his most important abilities. 

It’s unknown who discovered it first, but Overwatch streamer and pro player Necros was the one to bring it to the attention of the wider community. 

The bug causes Genji to not be able to wall climb in mid-air right after double jumping. Although seemingly minor, the double jump wall climb combo is a very important movement mechanic for Genji players as it takes full advantage of the hero’s movement passive. 

From our testing, it is possible to wall climb either while you’re on the ground or in mid-air after a single jump as it normally should. The bug only occurs when you attempt to wall climb right after double jumping, not allowing you to scale up the wall. 

In our test, we also found this same bug affects Hanzo as well, as before the update he too could double jump (technically a short dash in Hanzo’s case) then wall climb. This issue is now impacting streamers as well.

Despite players calling it a “nerf”, it most likely was not intentional by the devs as Genji and Hanzo had zero changes in this update according to the patch notes. 

A day after the bug was found, Overwatch’s Lead Gameplay Designer, Alec Dawson, announced a hotfix was being sent out to patch the issue.

“Small hotfix going out now to fix some of the wall climb issues we saw with the launch of Season 10,” he said. “Team is still looking at some other priority bugs and fixes are underway.”