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Fans praise Overwatch’s Halloween 2021 skins as the best ever

Published: 13/Oct/2021 14:23

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021’s skin collection has been a hit with fans, with Brigitte and Lucio’s spooky outfits sending shivers down players’ spines. 

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror is one of the game’s most popular annual events. Associated with stunning skins like the iconic Witch Mercy, players far and wide are always on the edge of their seats as soon as spooky season hits.

This time around we’ve seen a whole host of creepy Legendary cosmetics for Brigitte, Echo, Lucio and Reinhardt, with Epic skins for Roadhog, Zarya and Genji, too.

And fans are absolutely loving them. With players proclaiming that these are the best Halloween skins they’ve seen in years, the excitement is truly spine-tingling.


Overwatch Halloween genji skin black and yellow skeleton stands in front of pumpkins
Blizzard Entertainment
This skeleton-inspired neon Genji is perfect for lurking in the shadows.

Overwatch Halloween 2021 skins are a hit

At the end of turbulent year for Blizzard, including the Activision lawsuit, McCree’s enforced name change, and criticism over Overwatch 2, the Halloween event has won over fans with an outstanding selection of skins.

Renowned Overwatch YouTuber Stylosa writes in an October 10 tweet that “Overwatch Halloween Terror is once again undefeated in skin quality. They never miss with this event.”

Content creator for Team Envy, mL7, was quick to echo Sylosa’s sentiments, calling the skins “the best Overwatch Halloween skins since the game was released.”

It’s not just the Legendary skins that have fans ready to celebrate the season in style. The Epic skins, which are largely seen as mid-tier ones, have also bowled fans over.


“How the f**k is this epic!?” one fans asks about the Genji skin. “ITS [sic] TO [sic] GOOD.”


While some lament that Swiss healer Mercy didn’t get the stunning Vampire Mercy skin idea that went viral in the run up to the event, it’s clear that the vast majority of players can’t wait to dive into the fray and score these spooky surprises.

So, next time you log into game be sure you’re feeling Halloween ready, and maybe then you’ll find a welcome treat in your Halloween mystery box!