Overwatch reveals creepy Vampire Bat Echo skin for Halloween Terror event

echo halloween terror overwatchActivision Blizzard

Echo is one of Overwatch’s most mobile and deadly heroes. It’s fitting that, for the Halloween Terror 2021 event, she gets a creepy new Vampire Bat skin.

Just ahead of the seasonal Halloween Terror 2021 event in Overwatch, tons of new skins are being revealed.

With Reinhardt and Roadhog getting what may be each of their best skins to date, the bar continues to be raised for skin design in Overwatch.

Echo’s new Vampire Bat skin continues the impressive momentum, showing a truly dark side to the game’s bright and majestic DPS hero.

echo overwatchActivision Blizzard
Many of Echo’s other skins are bright and joyous, but not this one.

Echo Halloween Terror skin: Vampire Bat

Just one day ahead of the 2021 Halloween Terror seasonal event, Overwatch’s Twitter account has unveiled a new skin for Echo called Vampire Bat.

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This new skin looks almost Talon-themed, with lots of sharp edges, a black and red color scheme, and a handy sphere-shaped blood container on her back.

All-in-all, the skin is everything a Halloween Terror skin should be, haunting, unique, and dark. Not to mention this was a highly-requested skin from those in the Overwatch community.

The skin joins the lineup of Draugr Reinhardt and a very creepy, clown-themed Roadhog.

These will likely be three of the Legendary skins that are available throughout the event, which is set to run from October 12 – November 2.

Each Halloween Terror typically has at least five Legendary skins available, so expect more heroes to receive skins when the event goes live on the 12th.

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