Vampire Mercy skin idea is what Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 needs

Overwatch Mercy against spooky moonlight backgroundBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2021 is just around the corner, and one fan has designed a stunning vampire skin for Mercy that sucks your blood instead of transfusing it. 

Halloween Terror is always one of Overwatch’s most highly anticipated annual events. Accompanied by a host of spooktacular skins that are some of the best in the game, players are always on the edge of their seat as soon as October hits.

One of the most iconic skins to come out of the event is the stunning Witch Mercy, which the character’s very own voice actor, Lucie Pohl, brought to life in a cosplay so good it will send shivers down your spine.

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Trading in her broomstick for some O negative, one fan has reimagined the iconic Swiss healer as a vampire queen, and it would be the perfect addition to Halloween Terror 2021’s skin lineup.

overwatch halloween mercy skin dressed as a witch on a broomstick in front of a creepy castleActivision Blizzard
Mercy has switched out her witch hat for a vampire cloak in this new stunning skin.

Stunning Vampire Mercy skin idea is perfect for Overwatch

The brainchild of German artist and skin designer, Sunshxvine (Dana Herberg,) this spooky reimagining of the fan-favorite support adds some Halloween edge to her Valkyrie Suit.

Decked out in a blood-red velvet corset, her wings have been dyed ebony and crimson to match her new look. Sporting black fishnets that extend down her legs, back and arms, this skin truly channels gothic elegance.

Snowy white hair cascades down her shoulders like a silvery waterfall, with a thorny crown sitting on top of her head. If you had any questions about who the queen of the coven is, the intricately designed headpiece will quash them.

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Finally, her iconic Caduceus Staff and Blaster have been given a fresh lick of noir paint, with the twisted inlays truly bringing the beastly nature of the weapons to life. Not only that, but her gun also appears to shoot blood splatters – to blind her enemies, of course.

Immediately capturing the imaginations of the Overwatch community, fans have come out in force to rate this Halloween-inspired design.

“‘Fanart’? Wait this is not real?” writes one devastated fan, while another notes “you are litertally [sic] reading my mind! I was thinking couple days ago Mercy needs a new halloween skin because witch one is so overhyped.”

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Will the Vampire Queen of the Overwatch coven make an appearance this spooky season? Who knows. However, we suggest you wear a polo neck and grab yourselves some garlic just in case!