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New Overwatch Brigitte Halloween skin turns her into a deadly vampire hunter

Published: 11/Oct/2021 23:04

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch has unveiled another brand-new Halloween Terror skin for 2021, and this one turns Support hero Brigitte into a deadly-looking vampire hunter.

Halloween Terror is always a hit because of the great skins Blizzard releases for the event. After Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Echo all had their new cosmetics revealed, it’s finally Brigitte’s turn.

On October 11, just a day before the spookiest event on the Overwatch calendar officially starts on October 12, the official Overwatch account gave players a preview video of Brig’s new skin, and safe to say it’s already won fans over.

There’s no doubt Brigitte is absolutely stunning in this skin. She’s rocking a unique white hairstyle, and her skin is also as pale as you’d expect from a vampire hunter who doesn’t spend much time in the sun.


Like her mentor Reinhardt’s 2021 Halloween Terror skin, Brig’s weapon really shines here. Her infamous flail now looks like some kind of possessed lamp, with a gothic design that lets off a sickly green glow, all surrounded by skulls.

Her leather jacket and other design features also reflect the DPS formerly known as McCree’s Van Helsing skin, making the pair a vampire’s worst nightmare.

As the official account confirmed, this skin is definitely a Legendary, which means if you don’t get it in a Halloween loot box, it will be available to buy for 3,000 coins in the Hero Gallery.


Vampire Hunter Brigitte
Blizzard Entertainment
Vampire Hunter Brigitte is ready to beat down any creature of the night she comes across.

You can’t have a new Brigitte skin without talking about her shield though, and the new Vampire Hunter skin doesn’t disappoint. It features a skull (one of the main themes of this cosmetic) surrounded by iron and wood in the shape of a coffin.

As we mentioned, Halloween Terror 2021 gets going on October 12. So be sure to save your Arcade loot boxes in order to give yourself the best chance of unlocking Vampire Hunter Brigitte and all of the other new skins.