Dafran finally reveals how “hateful speech” got him banned from Twitch

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Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca has finally explained why he was banned on the platform for thirty days.

Back in November 2019, the Danish superstar was hit with a thirty-day ban, though the streamer never elaborated on why. Originally, he claimed it was due to “ignorance” and saying “stupid sh*t all the time.”

Even after rumors swirled when a single Twitter user made the erroneous claim that Francesca told an off-meta support player to “kill themselves,” the DPS prodigy didn’t get into details regarding his ban.

Dafran never explained why he was banned… until now.

During a January 22 broadcast, Dafran finally broke down why he was suspended by Twitch.

“I’ll tell you guys why I got banned. Remember when I got banned and you all thought it was because someone said that I said ‘kill yourself?’” Which I didn’t say,” the Tracer specialist began. “I got banned because I said that all French people are toxic.”

The reveal was certainly a bit anti-climactic, considering it sounds pretty tame compared to other things said on the platform. Nonetheless, the Atlanta Reign streamed continued to explain.

“It’s true. And it’s called hateful speech,” he added while taking a bite of his food. “I didn’t even know that. I didn’t know. But I won’t get banned again. It isn’t true. I don’t think all French people are toxic,” he quickly spoke, covering his bases in case the platform suspended him again.

Since being unbanned, Dafran’s streams have been a bit more family-friendly. The reformed entertainer promised to turn into the “role model you all wanted,” and has been doing a pretty good job at it.

While he still primarily plays Overwatch, there haven’t been any questionable incidents on stream for a few months. Hopefully, the popular personality can keep it up and continue to wow audiences with his talented DPS play and insider scoops.

Dafran’s streams have been a lot friendlier since being unbanned.

On January 23, the retired esport pro “leaked” that a map editor would be coming to Overwatch in a future developer update and claimed that he had information on Blizzard’s plans leading up to 2021.

It’s unclear if Dafran was just trolling his chat with fake information, but we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out if he was telling the truth. The update is scheduled to be announced during the last week of January.

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