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Overwatch streamer Dafran slams Twitter user for fake Twitch ban rumors

Published: 3/Dec/2019 0:20

by Michael Gwilliam


Former Overwatch League pro and streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca called out a Twitter user for spreading what he says is a false rumor about why he was banned on Twitch.

On December 1, the Danish DPS prodigy pulled up a video from theScore esports discussing his ban and said that none of the reasons cited were why he was hit with a 30-day suspension.

“By the way, you know that comment where people said that I said ‘kill yourself,’ that’s not true. There’s not a single clip of it,” he explained to his viewers.

“It is literally something everyone believed because one guy on Twitter said it. I did not say it,” Francesca continued. “I did not say those words. It’s crazy how everybody believes one guy who said it on Twitter. It’s absolutely nuts.”


The comment in question is a tweet by Twitter user Mulb in response to a post where Dafran revealed he was banned for 30 days. Mulb wrote, “He told someone who was playing an off meta support to kill themselves as well as some other things. Obviously there was no venom behind it.”

It’s worth noting that while there is a clip of Dafran raging at an Ana player and calling him a “piece of sh*t,” he does not tell the player to kill themselves in the video.

While Dafran was originally banned for 30 days, the streaming platform showed some leniency and unbanned him after a week and change.


At the time of the unban, the Danish sensation said he would become “Seagull version 2,” a reference to popular Overwatch star Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, who is seen as one of the least controversial names on the platform.

Only time will tell if Dafran can keep up his new approach to streaming and a positive mental attitude.