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Korean Overwatch player shows off some truly insane Doomfist tech

Published: 24/Jan/2020 6:57

by Dustin Steiner


Doomfist has become one of the most meta-defining characters in today’s Overwatch, but one Korean YouTuber named Lee Cross has shown off some deadly tech can make the bruiser even more menacing. 

Overwatch montages may be getting a bit old, but every once in a while one comes along that will teach you a thing or two about how obscure mechanics in the game can come together to create something truly magical.

Take this montage, for example, called BBANGFIST from Lee Cross.

Thanks to the way Overwatch handles ramping, being airborne, and sliding along surfaces that you aren’t supposed to be able to land on, Cross took full advantage of these things to ramp up the damage on Doomfist’s Seismic Slam to maximum from heights that should have only done about half damage.

This led to situations where he would drop from a second story to do maximum damage to multiple targets, effectively wiping out most of their hit points and making them easy to clean up.

Not only that, but the way surfaces interact leads to some interesting routes to use with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and Rising Uppercut in conjunction. If you angle your Rocket Punch slightly upward and hit a corner of a surface, your forward momentum will shoot you off of that surface almost like a ramp.

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Small tech like these lead to situations that allows Doomfist to get across the map like Pharah, and can really catch snipers and teams trying to hold choke poitns off guard, as seen multiple times in the video.

Doomfist Overwatch flank
Blizzard Entertainment
Some of the flanking routes shown off in this montage are truly jawdropping.

The entire video really must be seen to be believed, as this montage contains some of the most jaw-dropping moments of Overwatch gameplay, some that even professional Doomfist players could likely learn a thing or two from.

Some of the routes shown might be unpractical against a very well-coordinated team, but if mastered, it will surely aid your climb to Diamond or even higher on the Overwatch ranked ladder.


Overwatch 2 leaker reveals worrisome details about OW2 development

Published: 15/Jan/2021 20:05

by Bill Cooney


Ever since Overwatch 2 was announced Blizzard has basically been dead silent on anything and everything related to the new game, and it could stay like that even after BlizzCon 2021 if new rumors are to be believed.

To be fair, Jeff Kaplan and the other members of the dev team did say they would basically be practicing “radio silence” on all things Overwatch 2 until it was ready, but that hasn’t stopped players from seeking out any shreds of information they can.

During a stream on January 15, Overwatch leaker Metro — who correctly predicted the new game’s announcement at BlizzCon a few years back — told Dexerto that in his opinion, we shouldn’t expect any huge news on the game at this year’s event when it happens February 19-20.

Reinhardt, Mei, Lucio, Tracer, and Mercy from Overwatch 2
Jeff’s kept to his word, with basically no information on Overwatch 2 out there other than what we saw in 2019.

After Dexerto asked Metro if he had heard anything about Overwatch 2 news in Twitch chat, the leaker replied that we may be in for an even longer wait.

“I heard things, I heard that they’re really f***ing slow and that they’re delaying it, I heard they’re really slow at developing it,” he said. “From what I heard, it doesn’t sound good at all, it sounds like it’s very far off.”

While a release date at BlizzCon this year might be wishful thinking, Metro did add we could see some new heroes revealed and shown off over the weekend.

“They’re probably going to show a few new heroes at BlizzCon, that’s the main thing we’re going to get in terms of multiplayer, because there’s not much else to show,” he continued. “But, they’re definitely not coming for Overwatch 1, unless they change plans, but it doesn’t look like it, you know?”

Again, while Metro has been right in the past, it is wise to take what he says with a grain of salt since it isn’t an official announcement from Blizzard.

As for what heroes we could see revealed this year, Sojourn is obviously in the mix, along with a potential new Japanese hero a lot of players a cryptic teaser for with the Kanezaka mini-event for Hanzo was hinting at.

It’s easy to be torn on Overwatch 2, especially with this leak. On one hand, we all want the game to come out soon so we can play it and experience the new content. On the other, as fans, none of us wants to see the new game be the Cyberpunk 2077 of its launch cycle.

Either way, we seem to be in for a wait no matter how you look at it so, at this point, any update on new content come BlizzCon in February will be a breath of fresh air.