Overwatch star Dafran explains why he was banned from Twitch

Scott Robertson
Dafran / Twitch

Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca, former Overwatch League pro and Twitch partner, has received a thirty-day ban on his Twitch channel. He is planning an appeal.

Twitch has dropped the banhammer once again. The popular Overwatch pro-turned-streamer is facing a thirty-day ban on his Twitch channel.

Dafran responded on his own Twitter account, confirming the 30-day length and informing his followers that he will try to appeal the ban. As for a reason, dafran says it is due to his “ignorance,” admitting that it stems from  saying “stupid s**t all the time.”

What are the potential reasons for the ban?

The exact reason for the dafran ban is unknown, but there are a few theories. Some fans say it was because the streamer told an off-meta support to “kill themselves” during an Overwatch game he was streaming. 


Others allege that he was laughing at ‘race jokes” while on stream. Unfortunately, due to his channel being offline, any clips of these alleged incidents currently don’t exist. The ban could also relate to a completely different event altogether.

If his comments toward the off-meta support player are accurate, it wouldn’t be the first time that dafran has lashed out on his stream. In the past week, he exploded with rage at the tail end of a defeat, raining down expletives on top of his teammates and imploring them to uninstall the game.

Just before that, he went off on a profanity-laced rant toward a viewer who claimed the streamer was “not their hero anymore.”

Whether or not dafran returns to Overwatch after his most recent ragequit remains to be seen, as does the outcome of dafran’s ban appeal. He most recently played competitively for the Atlanta Reign in the latest season of the Overwatch League. He announced his competitive retirement in March.

We will provide updates with more information regarding the ban and the appeal as that info becomes available.