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Clever Overwatch spot allows for sneaky Roadhog hooks

Published: 13/Dec/2019 20:52

by Bill Cooney


A sneaky new spot where Roadhog can hook enemies has been discovered on Route 66 by Overwatch players that enemies will never see coming.

Roadhog’s hook, as any Overwatch player will tell you, grabs enemies and pulls them right next to Hog when it connects, making it useful for picking off stragglers or lone flankers.

Even though the hero might not be widely played at high levels on the current patch, a well-placed hook can definitely still swing fights for his team.

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Now an Overwatch player on Reddit has discovered a hilarious and fascinating spot Roadhog can hook from on Route 66.


Reddit user Remix4u posted a video showing Hog successfully hooking an enemy Genji while standing behind the billboard closest to the first checkpoint.

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A well-placed Scrap Gun shot finishes Genji off and this play goes down as one of the funniest, if not impractical Roadhog highlight in quite awhile.

Unless you camp out by it and wait for the perfect opportunity this spot will probably only work once a game, if you’re lucky, and that’s only if a hero lines up perfectly with the gap.

Like the basketball shot in the shuttle for some people, once you hit it the first time there may not be much incentive to try again, but Roadhog mains might have fun trying to pull it off.


Even though the hook spot is wild, it’s nowhere near the craziest thing that Overwatch players have had to put up with the week after the Winter Wonderland patch.

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The bug, which started being widely shared on December 11, could definitely be considered game-breaking as it tilted players’ displays and allowed them to float around, no matter which hero they were playing.

Luckily, Overwatch developers responded soon after clips of the exploit became popular and the bug was patched out by December 12.

Even though it could definitely be considered an exploit, the tilted, low-gravity matches could make for a great Arcade game mode.