Blizzard respond to insane Overwatch bug that lets all heroes fly

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard have responded to a major game-breaking Overwatch bug that allows all heroes to fly.

After the latest update to Overwatch, which introduced the 2019 Winter Wonderland event and the long-awaited patch 1.43 on December 10, players identified some major new bugs caused by Mei.

The biggest issue is a bug that can give any hero – not just Mei herself – the ability to fly, Pharah-style.

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In addition, the bug can also cause players to have their perspective tilted, not only skewing their own view at an angle but also showing their character model off-center as well.

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The combination of the two issues hits just about every criteria for a “game-breaking” bug at once. The flying bug not only disrupts normal gameplay significantly, but can be used deliberately to gain a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, Mei can effectively inflict the camera tilt issue on other players, making it usable as a means of trolling.

Fortunately, Blizzard have not only acknowledged the issue, but apparently are already addressing it. Lead Software Engineer William Warnecke stated on Reddit that the developers “have a fix for this that we’re looking to roll out soon.”

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Exactly how far away “soon” is remains to be seen, but given the severity of the issue it seems likely that Blizzard will be keen to get the fix out as soon as possible, and with a solution seemingly already worked out it shouldn’t be too long before things return to normal.

In the meantime, there’s not much that can be done to address the issue should you encounter it. If you find yourself affected by the camera issue, it can be reset by dying, but there isn’t any way of preventing other players from exploiting the flying glitch.

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As a result, players who take competitive play seriously might do well to avoid ranked games until a fix has been rolled out, as this bug could very well cause major disruption to matches.

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